Anti-Social Behaviour Contracts???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by OSLO, Aug 23, 2007.

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    Since when has a signature required to adhere to society been a useful tool to tackle misbehaviour? It might serve to "rehabilitate", but where is the "punishment" element of justice? And where is the requirement for parents to take responsibility for their wayward offspring?

    Get the little tykes in dayglo suits sweeping street, cleaning graffitti, cleaning parks and highways, doing the distasteful jobs that can make society and locales better places to live. Work 'em for 12 hours a day with martial freedoms outside of those hours. It's a loss of respect and image that hurts them most; remove those and they'll stay in line.

    Of course, they also need something to aspire to, but there we enter into the whole education and media debates.

    Errant teenagers: can't live with them, can't beat seven bells out of them with a baseball bat!
  2. ASBO - complete and utter waste of time, money and oxygen, when someone has multiple ASBOs and still carries on causing trouble, they should then get a good shoeing in the local shopping centre.

    TAGS - Waste of time, should give electric shocks if curfew borken or small explosive charge to remove chavs foot.
  3. Totally agree with your thoughts OSLO, but who exactly is going to be tasked with policing this idea? A few ex-servicemen would be ideal, but I can already hear the politically correct namby-pambies whingeing about human rights! Where are the human rights of the victims?
    The Yanks have a policy of name and shame, and it seems to be a better deterrent than anything the UK has to offer, and yes, community service being seen to be done seems to work. I've personally seen "chain gangs" in orange boiler suits working at the side of the freeway doing menial work as punishment, often accompanied by hoots of derision from passing motorists.
    One thing that still gets up my nose is this archaic policy of "can't be named for legal reasons" when one of these scroats is a minor. In my book, if they're old enough to do the crime, they're old enough to be held responsible for their actions, and a 10 year old these days is far more aware of what they're doing than a 10 year old of yesteryear. Surely it's time for the decent people among the community to stand upand be counted!
  4. Sadly if the police dont do anything about them we end up with vigilanties patroling the streets or heavens forbid Death Wish style justice.
    We have grown into a PC society whereby nobody wants to accept responsibility for other peoples actions.
    The courts let people off and the police end up turning a blind eye as they dont have the resources to deal with it,they can still chase motorists and litter droppers but not these little SH1ts.
    You darent challange them in case they knife you or bat them one as you might get done for it.
    Its about time the goverment stopped pussy footing around and started being harsher with them before we do start taking the law into our own hands.
  5. The problem, Rod, is that people aren't taking responsibility for their own actions. If parents took responsibility for their own sprogs, if neighbours took responsibility for reporting what is going on next door, that'd be a start. But we need a justice system that supports this: jails that always have some spare capacity, prison sentencing that actually puts the worse offenders behind bars (where "life" means life), where criminals are named (no matter what their ages), and where there are sufficient policemen on the beat with sufficient forensic resources behind them. I completely abhor the idea of turning us into a police state, with CCTVs everywhere and ID cards (although given the right reasons, they may be useful). But those are combating the symptoms of the problem, not the root causes.
  6. Totally agree with you there OSLO, but how do we get the parents to accept resposibility for their offspring?
    Maybe if we started banging them up and putting their kids into care or hostels etc that might do it but some might even see that as an escape from their responsibilities.
    Life should mean life and any foreign criminals should be deported at the time of their sentence instead of us feeding and watering them.
    Perhaps if they were to be sent back to their own country where they maybe left under a cloud it might make them think before they do the crime.
    We are too soft now in this country and are seen as an easy touch.
    Time for a change me thinks.
  7. Pretty much the same goes on over here, the problem is the resources from the Taxes they take off of us is thinly spread, and so services like the justice dept, medical etc feel the pinch.

    Police dept is always looking to enlarge the budgets they have to work with and the city is always looking to squeeze out the last penny from these budgets or rob Paul to pay Peter, all the while trying to keep their constituents happy with stupid road repairs.

    Prison populations are increasing everywhere, we should do what Castro did and empty the jails and drop them off in say Iran... :thumright:

    As for parental responsibilities, this has been on a steady decline since Woodstock (correlation maybe)....As the nanny state has taken more and more authority away from the parents and teachers, the kids today know exactly what they can get away with.

    Unfortunately, as I watch the American Networks, a lot of their own troubles are now being conveniently placed at the feet of immigrants, passing the in point is last Month there were 60 murders in Newark, yet the media frenzy has been over the killings of 3 kids by it turns out an illegal alien, yet that isn't totally true as he came to the States as an 11 yr old...

    We have to be careful where we brush that tar...
  8. Simple, impound all the parents possesions, stop the benefit and birch the little fcuker until he begs for his mommy and steralise them
  9. I've found that threatening them with a pickaxe hand is all the encouragement my local toe rags need to behave and play nice.

  10. No excuse but when you see the foul mouthed scrounger parents of many of these little shites it's no wonder how their offspring turn out, some rough justice might well sort them out, not that I would ever condone it as it is against the law.
  11. You sitting on that bloody fence again UKD?

  12. I jumped into here thinking 'hey someones making a collection to get a hit man' and had my cheque book at the ready.

    It all starts and ends with nimby government. In between you have the inaction of the police and the couldn't care less of the parents and most of all the "oh you naughty boy, don't do it again" attitude of the judges.

    Time to bring back Borstal, and use it.
  13. Anyone see Anne Widicombes programme on ITV last night, 1 bloke - 18 kids and surprise surprise he is not working.......
  14. I disagree on the global comment regarding "foreigners". If someone has been resident in the country for a while, settled here, their family is here, then they should not be uprooted for any old reason. By all means have a review of visas (if necessary), but each case should be weighed on its own evidence, rather than embarking on a Daily Wail-like crusade against Johnny Foreigner.
  15. And to be fair, the Judges will rule on the law as it is written. The Police will prosecute on the basis of what will get a result. It all comes down to a Home Office (and its new incarnation in the Ministry of Justice (where is Judge Dredd when you need him?)) having a softly, softly approach. Successive Home Secretaries have lacked the cojones to get anything done that might be seen as strict.

    And before anyone gets on their tall steed about "human rights", there is nothing in the Act that prevents the dishing out of appropriate measures. The HRA is, like the HSAWA and DPA, one of the most misused and misquoted pieces of legislation around. Idiots hide behind it and morons throw inaccuracies at it.
  16. oslo wrote
    The police have to attend before they can do that, something they are either reluctant to do or can't be bothered to do.
  17. Or just haven't got the resources to cope. Or won't go to because they know there is feck all that they can do, and holding hands is social services' responsibility.
  18. You tell them that your neighbors brake lights not working and a transit full will arrive, they have the resources for that.
  19. Huh?
  20. I did and what a fine woman she is for a Tory, surprised to see that parasites motor looked to be in good order, if you get my drift?

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