Anti Snore Rings, do they work?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by taffscrivs, Dec 6, 2014.

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  1. Comedian Jim Davidson claims that wearing an anti snore ring on his little finger has cured him of his excessively loud snoring. I would like to know if these devices work as I'm considering buying one as a Christmas present for the missus.
  2. Ageing_Gracefully

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    May I be the first to salute your courage!
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  3. Have to admit I was slight disappointed after mistakenly reading the title as "anti snore rigs" I was expecting some elaborate torture esque device fitted to your other half's face, alas it was not to be. But to echo what AG said, I salute you to.

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  4. You are indeed a Brave man :eek:. Hope you have planned your escape route ?
  5. They're especially effective when worn round the neck.
  6. The only effective anti snoring device I have evidence of is Mrs JFH's elbow.

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  7. Glue a piece of shattered windscreen glass (available at all good car crashes) to it and tell her it's a diamond ring, you might even get a shag then :cool:
  8. Worth a try Wrecks, but it will take a fair bit of shagging to stop her snoring!
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  9. I snore. According to WolfPackLeader, I sound like a chain-saw in first gear.
    How can something worn on the finger cancel out the racket that comes from
    the hole in your face?
    Sometimes - I do it on purpose, to drown out the noise of her next-door when
    she's getting a portion and howling like a rabid wolf, (stops her making comparisons).
    To date, the only known cure for my snoring is a right good cludding in the side of
    the head with the TV remote followed by a bimble downstairs to the living room sofa.
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you're interested, cock rings don't stop you from snoring.
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  11. The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is often used tell if you have daytime fatigue, a symptom of sleep apnea.

    Me sir, that's me sir.

    Now I have a label I feel I can fit into modern society ;)
  12. Hi all

    I have a new neighbour in the flat above me. His snoring is terrible.
    I bought him and anti snoring ring from Holland and Barratt (£10).
    Now although this has not resolved the problem completely his snoring has reduced a lot. So much so that I hardly hear him. The noise level has been reduced massively.

    I would recommend the anti snoring ring as a great investment as it has helped with the issue of my snoring neighbour.

    I will also be buying one for me to take down to HMS Raleigh in January so that I don't wake the whole base up!

    Hope this helps


  13. Daytime fatigue due to poor sleep, not insomnia staying awake all night on RR looking at billy’s thread of nice ladies.:D
  14. Isn't that supposed to be the other way around . . . ?
  15. The bloke in the flat below is a right moaner. I was having a little snooze and he dripped about my snoring, he even bought me a ring!

    Little does he know I'm on permanent nights now, so I put on a recording of my snoring and I flogged the ring on ebay, sucker

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  16. Lol. If your that hard up you need to sell a £10 ring on eBay, come knock on my door and I'll give you a food hamper.
    Beans, rice, corn beef, cereal, soup, milk, and some problem
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  17. There's a word for blokes who sell their ring...
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  18. I've still got the anti snoring ring, it's the other I sold on eBay! He'd make an excellent crab

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