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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Naval_Gazer, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Why do most anti-monarchists come across as such nasty people or are they just misunderstood? As frequently witnessed on RR but most recently on the Happy Birthday HRH the PoW thread, those who decry our constitutional monarchy tend to resort to spiteful villification of each and every member of the Royal Family (and anyone who supports them) and persist in hijacking/debasing any threads about them. However, these republican paragons of virtue seem utterly incapable of arguing the merits of alternative democratic systems in a reasonable manner somewhere more appropriate - or have I missed something?

    For those who've failed to notice, this is the unofficial website of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. If you are among those who have a problem with that, then I suggest you use this thread to post your arguments and leave the rest alone. (Don't ever say I haven't done anything for you Fink.)

    Thank you.
  2. But, er, Segolene Royal is a Republican..... ;)
  3. Haven't got a problem with the Monarchy myself. I think that many are worth their weight in gold in terms of the amount of good they do on behalf of UK limited and the odd few thousand good causes and charities.

    You tend to find that dissenters will only ever look at how much they cost and keep harping on about the occasional stupid thing they do whilst selectively forgetting that they are falible humans like all of us.

    Say what you like, its your right to do so, but they work hard for us which must bite when they can't speak out against their critics. Not sure I could could do that.

  4. Good on yer NG. I am a monarchist myself and always will be. Keep the faith. :thumright:
  5. I rather have a monarcy than be like the countries that don't have a Monarcy
  6. Constitutional monarchy is fine, because it is an anachronism.
    Monarchy and the institution per se, is something something completely different.
  7. Yes, but she was an Army brat so perhaps she didn't know any better ;P (Wiki link):

    Besides which, she doesn't appear to be doing much for the solidarity of French Socialism at the moment (Times link):

    This 'loathing' business does seem to be a common trait among a lot of Socialists, doesn't it?
  8. Great post mate being a monarchist I'm glad someone took the time to write this :thumright: :thumright:
  9. Long live the Queen!
  10. At over 80 years of age, how long would you give her? :wink:
  11. If people dont like living here under our present system I suggest they Foxtrot Oscar to somewhere else and see how long they last.

    God Save the Queen.
  12. Just to remind people what this is all about. I can't imagine some "here today, gone tomorrow" politician of any political hue achieving quite the same unifying effect, can you?

  13. So if an anti-monarchist went to live in a republic like, say, the USA why would they have to see how long they last? What do you think would happen to them? I don't get your point.
  14. Sorry,what I meant is that if they started slagging off the rebuplic the same way they slag off the monachy in some countries they wouldnt draw breath for very long.
  15. Her mum lived over a century and hopefully so will she.... as Queen! I certainly hope she doesn't abdicate in favour of more juvenile blood. After all we need A Queen as Head of State and there will be no more Queens in my lifetime! :thumright:

    Then again perhaps the Head of State should actually be a member of the Head clan... :thumright: ....with Gromit as PM! :w00t:
  16. Thingy, there will always be Queens :thumright:
  17. And long may they reign...
  18. While I don't have anything personally against the Queen or her family, it's amazing that in the 21st century an unelected person can still hold the highest office in the country, no matter if that office is only symbolic or not.

  19. Don't knock it --the star prizes that the Oz people have elected as
    their heads of state shows why we are glad we have Liz.
    Apart from that the Uk has been electing some charmers aswell.

    The US well we all know about them

    :nemo: :nemo:

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