"Anti-gravity" helicopter.

The title made me think maybe the septics had cracked Star Wars-esque "repulsor" technology :p

... at huge expense to their taxpayers and for very little return or practical use beyond the novelty factor.
Repulsor is Stark tech. Iron Man. (In case you are tempted to look, there is a real Stark industries). And anyone who has flown in a V-22 can tell you, no, they (septics) very much have not cracked it. There are some interesting vehicles that use rcs gas jets to move and hover but never seen a utube of a hoomin piloting one. The old sikorsky films of them crazy russians shows what happens to those that do.
Ok, I nerdgoogled. Repulsorlift is what makes the Speeders and STAPs etc float in the SW universe. I don't remember it being mentioned in the films, but hey ho whaddya know. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Repulsorlift

I also found the video of the old flying bedstead which tested the engine that became the Pegasus in the the p1127 leading to the Harrier. I think a lot of research hours went into those nozzles, then the louvers in the airframe and a fair few more with stuck louvers and control restrictions leading to float tests.
The earth's magnetic field and solar radiation at Poles can be the core of a field coil in the stratosphere . Using laser high-charge ions from solar arrays on the ground the coil is lifted on wings like Solar Impulse plane. Movement from the coil keeps the system moving with propellor power if needed. Further solar panel / wing modules are lifted to add energy to the earth motor which may reach surprising speeds.
Who wants a helo with no rotors if you can have one of these?

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