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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by huffnut_cringe, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. Can someone explain to an old wafu why fishheads (when at battle stations) wear this white cloth balaclava on thier heads? where does the anti flash come from? if an exorcet missle comes hurtling through the ship or a nuclear bomb is dropped, I cant see a piece of white cloth being a deterant to saving your life. Officers seem to be attatched to this piece of kit, when you see it being worn in the ops room it just adds to poor commications and a lack of command. perhaps i am missing something and it does save lives.
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Try taking the piss out of the guys in the RBL who suffered from flash burns in the Falklands.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Truly you are missing something, marbles perhaps? Flash burns are basically at best instant suntans, at worst 3rd degree burns from radiated (straight-line) heat given off from a fire, not necessary an explosion, sometimes from lean flash-over where the combustible gases in smoke reach their ignition (flash) point & ignite.

    For many years the LAFB refused to accept the RN's argument that they saved many people from disablement, maintaining that a civilian fire-fighter used his ears as a temperature guage & this would be hindered if the ears were covered by the newer nomex anti-flash worn with EDBA firefighting sets.

    The civilian LAFB have now adopted the use of antiflash on a national basis. Similarly flight-deck ratings wear anti-flash at Action Stations as did the upperdeck weapons crews in WWII.
  4. Try taking the piss out of the guys in the RBL who suffered from flash burns in the Falklands. Sgt P B

    No ones taking the piss, my son,and dont you dare insinuate it, if these personel suffered flash burns the anti fash hoods were rubbish or they were not being worn. The Navy has never been renown for giving its men proper saftey eqiupment, we as aircrew always got first class safety eqiupment but "FROM THE RAF"
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    HNC: I can insinuate whatever the hell I want - stupid question evokes stupid response... :roll:
  6. I thank [email protected] for anti-flash during my time down south in '82. The people I knew with burns either got them because a) they didn't wear the anti flash correctly or b) the force of the blast was enough to dislodge their anti-flash.
    It works, if worn correctly and providing you are not on top of a 1,000lb bomb going off. Then again being a wafu, you'd be nowhere near that type of explosion.

  7. Old wafoo --that could explain it ----Penguin

    Full of shit and can't fly

    :nemo: :nemo:
  8. I guess its time we had another war then perhaps this 'old wafu' might understand. Cos it was only the Falklands that suddenly made people think that making 8s (4s) out of Terylene, and frigates out of aluminium was way down on the good idea scale. One has to wonder whether or not this fella has been to sea, because as far as I can recall, everyone wore anti-flash. Even woos.

    And 'Battle Stations'? And all the rest of it actually. Do I smell Walt?
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Correct, perhaps the the poor chap was in a different Navy to the rest of us, which, given the scant knowledge of anything Naval, would certainly point to Dementia at the very least. Only a complete moron would confuse blast with heat.

    Before you know it, a rant about "Naval Costumes" will ensue!
  10. 42
    Totally uncalled for. Just because this man dosn't know about the use of Anti Flash gear, there is no need to label the rest of us Wu's in that way. I'm sure all of the Air Mechs who were killed or maimed on the Glamorgan know how they work!
    I was down South in 82, and wore mine. I was also on deck when we brought guys off of the Sheffield who had had theirs blown/burnt off. So less of the bias if you please.
  11. Norman (aka Huffnut Cringe),

    I can clearly remember Leach arguing in January 1982 (when I was one of the RUSI's youngest members, at 18) that the issue of the then, nylon anti-flash hoods was sensible, cost-effective and would not, as some had suggested melt when subject to extreme heat. A few months later his whole argument, no doubt really that of John Nott, evaporated when the newer AFH literally stuck to matelots' burned faces!

  12. Roof Rat,
    Apologies! I didn't intend to tar all wafu's with the same brush. I was merely aiming my comment at the original poster. :wave:
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    A different angle, Huffnut, cotton doesn't melt like nylon does when subjected to heat/flames. Anti flash hoods and gloves are issued and worn when the threat of flash/fire burns on exposed skin is high, it stops you looking like Simon.

    Just the same as Royal used to wear thick cotton dpm trousers and jackets in Northern Ireland when your local friendly paddies were throwing petrol bombs around. Any cnut can look ugly, why make it easier?
  14. Did the Navy not have Anti-Flash hoods during the 2nd World War and they were predominantly worn by gun crews?

    Which begs the question as to why is this 'old' WAFU asking about them? ;-)

  15. Don't… =(

    Remember it all too well. Both me and the old man were told to standby in case we were wanted to head south. Him RN, me MN.

    Him collecting up all his pussers zip up rompers, no8's, moulded sole steaming bats… me rounding up all my white cotton kaks, socks, button up boiler suits & stitched-riveted boots.

    You're not taking all that nylon stuff are you?

    It's pusser issue.

    Banned in my Navy

    MoD says it's OK

    MoD was wrong, BoT was right.
  16. Im sure the picture of Boy Cornwall shows him wearing Anti Flash at Jutland,I of course could be wrong.
  17. 42, accepted.
  18. Excuse me Greenie, but Penguin is the term of endearment used by the RAF Regt (Rockapes) for the rest of the RAF, Penguin=guin= all flap and no fly. Please use other term of respect/endearment for FAA, TVM. :thumright:

    PS I see what you mean though.
  19. The problems of flash have been learnt and re-learnt time and time again by the RN. As some one who was taught basic safety and damage control by ex WW2 veterans I was always aware of the problem, and though the terylene *s were being issued in my day we were still supposed to wear cotton ones at action stations, along with cotton anti flash kit.
  20. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    In the 60s there were posters up here and there telling peolpe not to wear nylon socks. And AWD was made of cotton. Troops used to buy lightweight alternative in Terror shops etc but in a well-run ship would NOT have been allowed to wear that stuff at Action Stations. This is one reason why formal kit musters were a good idea. Other things got issued if life got a bit warm - I've still got a First Field Dressing as a souvenir of Suez.

    As usual the original poster gives himself away bas never having served by his erroneous use of terminology. Mods please put the hammer through him.

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