Hello all.

I am currently awaiting an interview for a position as a 3/O. Whilst reviewing the paper work required to be brought to said interview I note that the health declaration has the "yes/no" check-list of various ailments/conditions that I have encountered on applications to the military, with "depression" being one of them.

My question is, does the RFA have the same 12 week maximum rule for taking anti-depressants as the armed forces? If so, I may as well not even bother going to the interview. I took these pills for longer than the maximum allowable period (almost 10 years ago now) hence why I was rejected on medical grounds for military service and hence why I ended up in commercial shipping.

I can't find any specific guidance on this. I thought an unrestricted, up to date ENG1 was sufficient.

Many thanks in advance.
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Thanks for all your replies.

For anyone in a similar situation occupational health informed me that this shouldn't be a problem and they don't employ the maximum 12 week rule like the armed forces.
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