Anthology of War Poetry

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Ageing_Gracefully, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I have received the following and have been asked to publicise it on the sites. This forum seems to be the best place for it on Rum Ration.

  2. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The above has been amended slightly to encourage contributions as well as suggestions.
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
    An' go to your Gawd like a soldier.
    Go, go, go like a soldier,
    Go, go, go like a soldier,
    Go, go, go like a soldier,
    So-oldier _of_ the Queen!

    Taken from the Young British Soldier, Rudyard Kipling has to be the primary source of relevant material for any anthology of war in Afghanistan.
  4. Ive got one but I'm not sure you'll want it...

    What is war? the young girl asked,
Is it something bad.
It must be quite important 
Cos it took away my dad……
Nobody can tell me
 is it wrong or right

    That countries who could all be friends,
only want to fight.

    It`s also very silly,
why people go to war,
but now I think I’ve had enough, 
an I don’t want no more……
If they need to sort things out, It would seem best to me
To have them all come round our house
 So they can have some tea.

    Mummy says I shouldn`t fret,
 and that I`m just a fool,
who will better understand 
when I go to school…….
But war is killing people, 
that surely can’t be fun,

    when no one can go out to play,
unless they have a gun


Grandma says It’s silly
and she can’t understand
why soldiers need to walk the streets,
in a foreign land

    Grandad wants to join the ranks 
and says he’s bought the right,
to get out there amongst it all,
an show erm how to fight.


Maybe one day it will end,
and then perhaps I’ll see,
my country big and grown up 
and looking after me……..
Meanwhile the soldiers camp outside 
and every night I pray,
that in the morning when I wake
I’ll find they’ve gone away……..


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