Anterior Cruiate Ligament problem

Hi all
I know there have been a few posts about ACL injuries, but i see the dates on them were from 2009 and before. I sat the RT today and passed and en route to the next stage on my way to becoming a WE. Thing is about 10 years ago (im 26 now, better late than never to join) i ruptured my cruciate ligament, i never had any surgery,never took a walking stick/crutches and had only maybe 2 pysio apps. I built my knee and leg strength back up naturally and now back to what i believe is full strength as i havent dislocated or even twisted it (touch wood) in the past say 7-8 years and play football, gym it, run and whatever else. Does anyone know if because i didnt have surgery even though it was a severe injury if i will be eligible to join? I was rejected from the Army 8 years ago because of it but that was because the were soley "soldier first" and tbh the guy i spoke to didnt seem all to knowledgable but i was young and took what he said as golden. Any reply thats remotely helpful would be appreciated.


It is very unusual for an torn ACL to be managed non-surgically in young people. It makes me wonder if you did tear it at all. We'd need a good look at any documentation between your surgeon and GP regarding your knee.

If you did tear it, and it wasn't repaired, then you are ineligible for entry to any of the 3 services.

If you merely sprained it then that's a different story.

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