Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Hi all!

I have been gleaning information from this forum for a while now and all my previous questions have been answered without much more than a click of the mouse. So thanks for that!

But now I have a question all of my own! I was supposed to attend AIB last month but due to a rugby injury I had to pull out. I have now been told that I will need my cruciate ligament reconstructed. However, the extent of the rebuild will only be known when the surgeon opens me up. (i.e. either a few stitches or replacement with hamstring ligament) He mentioned something about people being rejected from the Army due to this surgery but wasn't sure how the Senior Service would react. As you may understand I don't want to alert my AFCO to the extent of my surgery until it's known but I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience of this and could settle my nerves!

Thanks in advance, Robert
I had my ACL reconstructed about 8 years ago (hamstring recon) and haven't been able to run properly since. I say run properly. I CAN run, but can't even walk the next day :)
Be VERY careful with this injury, mine was caused by rugby too.


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Hello Roco,

Welcome to Rum ration.

If you read the AFCO Form 5 (Guidance notes for completing your Application Form): ACL reconstruction is listed as a bar to entry, however, they are assessed on a case by case basis depending on the level of reconstruction.

If you knowingly fail to disclose the condition to your AFCO & it comes to light after you have joined the service, you can be discharged for fraudulent application. Don't think it can't happen, it does.

No two are the same, so no-one can give you specific information until after the op. & even then, it's the Medical Officer who advises.

Good luck on the op.
Cheers guys, not such good news but my op is in January so it looks like I'll not know anything till after that. I wasn't intending on puling the wool over anybodys eyes, I just didn't want to mention it until I knew what the score was myself.

Fingers are well and truly crossed!


The policy of rejecting everyone who has had an ACL repair is (thankfully) no longer reality (although it still features as the official line). What will happen is you will be referred to a Service Consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery who will assess the knee and the scale of your operation. As the surgeon who will be cutting you up already seems slightly more savvy than most about the implications of his craft, it may be wise to ask for a copy of his operation note to bring to your medical / orthopaedic consultation. This will save time.

Good luck - enjoy your rehab!

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