Antartic patrol

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Matt88, Feb 18, 2015.

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  1. Hi, is there much chance of being able to serve on the Antartic patrol, if one joined the navy as say a marine engineering technician?
  2. OK you volunteer for the Arctic patrols, this will give your oppos the chance to go to the Fez the Windies and the Americas.
  3. So do you get a choose of a few patrols you can go on? Would love the chance to go to the arctic patrols.
  4. Arctic patrol

    Antarctic patrol

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  5. No
  6. Space Patrol Puppets DVD cover Complete.JPG SnowPatrol06.jpg
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  7. Thanks is it quite competitive to get a place on Arctic patrols then?
  8. See Topstops post, you'll only go into the Arctic (and the North Pole if you're lucky) if you're a submariner.
  9. Mmmmmmmm seem to remember quite a few blue nose certificates on my skimmer during the "cold war". There were only 2 types of target, Nuclear and Conventional......;) (to show all in fun)
  10. You can go on patrol on an ice patrol in a Nissan Patrol as well.
    (Dont know if they do Artic or Antartic patrols though).

  11. [​IMG]

    Both apparently.
  12. You can get a job specifically on night patrols for some companies I believe...
  13. I've got a few of those as well, poodling around the Barents doesn't blackcat under ice ops though ;)

    Followed a few of you around up there when we were bored though, even got some nice periphots, maybe you were in them :cool:
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  14. Your CO, if he was any good was probably my CO several years previously, when we did the job quietly and properly with no bastard knowing we were there.
  15. Fife spent 3 days zigzaging in one of the Norwegian fjords looking for one of our A boats , she had nipped in the first day and took a periphot then pissed off back to Dolphin. Skipper was not amused.
  16. Matty, IF nice Mr Putin keeps on dicking around the way he is and IF you ever get to join the RN, you may rue the day you wanted to do an Arctic patrol......

    Just saying like.........

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