Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ljkempson, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. What is the royal navy's involvement in antarctica?
    How often do they send navel personel down there?
    What are the chances of a warfare specialist being sent there?
  2. A little googling with show you that our Survey ships go down there often.

    As for WS down in Antarctica? Very unlikely on survey ships. Possibly if your lucky you'll get drafted to one of the ships that's doing Falklands patrol

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  3. Are you an Argentinean spy wanting to check on our strengths and weaknesses!!!!!:protest:
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  4. im fully english. waiting to join the navy as a warfare specialist and its my life dream to visit antarctica and was just wondering.
  5. Didn't mention that because they support the STC down there

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  6. HMS Endurance (or Protector currently) deploys usually in Oct/Nov each year to the Antarctic. If you join as an HM the probability of getting there is quite good, or perhaps as a volunteer Seaman Spec. Warfare Spec I suspect is not the best option to get to that neck of the woods, unless you serve not the Patrol Boat in the Falklands and are "near Antarctica"!
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  7. It's a pity you missed this then.......

  8. Heard about that on the radio this morning....

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