Ant & Dec - Saturday Night

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brigham600, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Ant & Dec, along with many other 'celebrities were at Collingwood today. They were being filmed getting in some practice for their 'Challenge' for this Saturdays programme.

    They tackle the assault course and also a mini version of Field Gun and I do mean 'mini' before you all think its the chasm and swing etc. ;-)

    Other celebs included; Paul Daniels and wife, Wayne Sleep, Chico, Sonia, Lee Sharp and two other guys from some boy bands.

    May be worth a watch on Saturday if anyone is interested.
  2. Many thanks for the warning, will steer clear of this bunch of cretins.

  3. Ditto , even though I am from Newcastle I cant stand the [email protected] ,
  4. I reckon somebody else must be using Brigham's account :)
  5. Ant and Dec.

    The only comedy act with two straight men.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Reeves & Mortimer? Morecamber & Wise? Mitchell & Webb? Armstrong & Miller? Hmm... :roll:
  7. I would rather stick Pins in my eye balls than watch them.

    And As for Paul Daniels and wife, Ya! not a lot.

    Wayne Sleep...Met him he makes ACC look like The butches man on the planet.

    Chico, Sonia, Lee Sharp and two other guys from some boy bands. Who the feck are they.

    I expect that it wa some RNR publicity FREEK who thought this little stunt up.

    Mini feild gun, I fecking dispair...

    Removed some of the more venomous stuff.. Sorry I HATE CELEBS...
  8. We once ran a competition to win a day filming with Ant and Dec.

    Second prize was two days with them...
  9. Fecking hell guys, I did not say I was all for it, just saw them when I was down the gym yesterday.

    I will get back in my box now. :)
  10. Right so you saw them. Why didn't you tell them to Foxtrot Oscar :thumright:

    There you go, said it. ;-)
  12. Kinnell lol
  13. Thanks very muchly :w00t:
  14. Blimey, according to today's Daily Mail, these monkeys earn £5,400 between them every minute. Who's laughing now? :(
  15. The PTI's have nothing to do with the obstacle course, but when Ant and Dec want to use it for a challenge, they were all over it


    mini rant over
  16. Sadly saturday night is the night I wash my hair so I'll miss it.Damm

    I thought Paul Daniels was dead.

  17. Yeah read that myself , :pukel: :pukel: :toilet: :toilet: :tp: :tp: , the mind boggles .
  18. He is dead - just because he is still walking doesn't mean he isn't dead, he has always been dead.
  19. Will certainly be watching that then on nothing else better to do Saurday night......yeah, right!.. :pukel:
  20. Ant n Dec............

    Britney and her bloke(???)

    Winehouse and her hubby......................

    Cheryl Cole and Ashley................

    Kate n Gerry McCann........................

    Posh n Becks........................

    Gordon and Tony..........................

    Macca and Mucca......................

    I know which duo I'd rather watch.!!!!!!

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