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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Another one - that's 5 in 6 weeks now - has the UK gone mad??

    It is really quite scarey to think it is becoming the norm for teens to carry weapons - or feel they must in order to protect themselves.
    As a mother of 2 young children ( aged 4 and 2) I am seriously wondering what sort of country they will be teens in.

    RIP Adam- and condolences to your family. :cry: :cry:,,2007120871,00.html
  2. Awful. This country gets more like America every day. Not long until all our police start carrying guns in my opinion.

    Get out while you still can.
  3. Unfortunately Brazen this is happening far too often. Its no good blaming the government. Lets look at the home life of these kids. What are the parents doing?
  4. Seriously thinking about it -
    With regards to arming Police - would this work as a deterrent tho?
    I'm not so sure anymore- teens these days are totally different to when I was a teenager (late 1980's, early 90's) - mind you by the age of 17 3/4's I was in the WRNS.
  5. That's my point Brazen. In the US they are armed for self protection, all that did was ensure the lags got tooled up too. Now they have all sorts of problems with concealed weapons etc.

    And the UK is slowly but surely going the same way......bad news.
  6. Valid point Slim, in Adam's case he was not (IMHO) a young layabout, but a bright young man with a promising future, and a well educated family.
    Was this why he was "targeted".................
    I think parents do play a vital role in the way a child matures, and the values they hold - - I often get frowned upon by a neighbour for being "strict" with mine at the ages they are - but even at the age they are at they are beginning to realise right from wrong --------- i am not trying to make out I am a perfect parent - far from it - - but I do believe the way I conduct myself the way I treat others has a direct impact on my children and there perceptions of what is acceptable.
  7. In almost every case you'll find that the parents blame the government. Granted we can blame Bliar and his cronies for a lot of things, but this? :evil:

  8. Your doing it the right way "BH", I have 3 grown up kids [29 , 21 , 19 ] , all 3 decent peaple & so proud of them , it does make a difference on how they are brought up & the values you instill in them , good on you mate ,
  9. I agree to some extent, to the other it is also a child's descision, although my parents weren't really ever there for me, in any sense. I could have easily gone the wrong way, but I chose to be the best possible person I could be, although I probably could have got more attention from my parents if I was bad.

    Parents do play a vital role, but these children have to be responsible for their actions otherwise what they do is not wrong, it is their parents that are wrong. Don't know if I explained that well or not.

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