Another Warfare Specialist question.

In random boredomness, I've just been checking the RN website careers section, looking at the benefits in various branches.

In most, you get information on the basic salary schemes, free dentistry, heavily subsidised accomodation, job security etc.

In the Warfare Specialist section it just states that "Warfare Specialist join the Royal Navy on a six-year Short Commission, which you may be able to extend to eight years. You will be able to apply for selection for a Medium Commission of 18 years or for a Full Commission up to the age of 55."

That's it...

Are Warfare Specialists not able to receive the same benefits as other branches, or is the Website spouting crap?

Is it difficult to go in for the full career term as I fully intend on making a career out of the Navy and not just 6/8 years...

Any information that can be given from personal experience would be really helpful..
**** knows I can't answer your question as times have changed in such a short period of time. When I joined it was sign dotted line for 22 years that's it. It was the same when I left in 2003.


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Everyone gets the same benefits regardless of commission!

We all start (now) on a short term commission (gone are the barking days of selecting spotty 17yrs olds for full commissions tahnkfully); you are then eligible to apply for a career commission (16 years) and then a Full Term Commission (22 years or to age X).

Its not hard to get a commission transfer, you just need to make sure you have all the career courses ticked off.
So they've gone back to the days prior to when I joined then in 96? I remember my brother in 89/early 90's having to sign up for a certain amount of years then sign on further if he wanted.


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Well done Optimystic!

Don't worry you're not going mad the Royal Navy website appears to have posted the Warfare Officer terms & conditions under the heading Warfare Specialist. Ooops, another blooper, a good spot!

The CORRECT terms for Warfare Specialist are: join on a Full Career engagement of 18 years or to the age of 40, whichever is longer. Normally you cannot leave during the first four weeks, but then you can leave at anytime up to the first six months after giving 14 days' notice. After six months you will be required to serve a minimum of 2½ years from the end of initial training, after this you can give 12 months notice to leave at any point thereafter.

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