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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by threaders, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. I was speaking to a guy in spain last week who said he was in w troop at poole in the underwater speedo wearers service, said he joined in 1988 and told a good dit however what puzzled me is he said his p0 number was p0397*** that cant be a 88 joiner can it surely or am i a complete duffer
  2. The number is wrong as far as dates go, was he a re-join? not sure about the W troop reference.
  3. not sure on the w troop thing either and yes thought the dates would be wrong it woud be p0388**letter woudnt it ? ie the 88 being the year so i am guessing he would be 97 joiner maybe he was a rejoin seems to catch alot of people out spinning yarns doesnt it
  4. Year has nothing to do with it, in 1974 when I joined in Oct it was PO33****.
  5. cant work it out then must be a duffer but take your word for it the number is wrong cheers
  6. not wanting to cause total mayhem but this is one of those things thats driving me mad if this guy joined in 88 or 89 what would his p0 be as i know 97 joiner would be p0397*** also will the rm be given new numbers with the jpa thing be a shame to replace
  7. And how would you explain mine -- P068*** from 1962 ??

  8. mystery to me some guys think they can work out dates through p0 numbers most are on p0611 now so i give up trying to work it out ha
  9. Or mine P995 :thumright:
  10. I probably indicated that you would be promoted to PO in 1968 or at the tender age of 68, which ever came first! ;) :lol:
  11. You may know it but you are absolutely incorrect. The number has nothing to do with when you joined but rather runs sequencially through the joiners ie P037 - 77-78, P0380** Aug 78, P050 - 86.

  12. I keep reading about this PO ++++++. is this a matelot thing my service number was just numbers starting 20**** even on my discharge papers it is the same. do please enlighten me!!
  13. BP. I'm unsure on this one as the RMR service numbers started P995 during my service.
  14. Backpacker -Judging by your posts the period that you were in The Corps should have been coincidental with RM numbers. Your official service number would have been RM followed by 5 digits e.g. RM 23456. They changed to PO 23456 for some unknown reason to help DPRORM or some other non-combatant REMFs. :thumright:

  15. Thank you kindly it is all clear now.

    I signed on the dotted on 11th June 1968.
  16. Now, now Steve, you know full well what I looked like in 1963/4 - you saw the pic in the gallery. Far too skin to be a grizzled PO !!


    (and I haven't reached 68 .....yet !!) :p
  17. Would it not have been CH, PO, or PLY then a number?
  18. sorry guys it was my fault i started this one i was trying to work out when somone joined the corps they said thier number was p0397 and they joined in 1989 i didnt think the number was right and wanted to know what it was likely to be i was thinking prob around the p0390 or p0389 sorry seemed to have opened large can of wigglies
  19. Back on topic. I don't think its far wrong. P039 around 1989 sounds about right.
  20. Guess we need someone with a PO39 number to settle this one.. :thumright: .

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