Taken from today's Op Welfare e-newspapers (Daily Mail)

How three cuppas a day can help a woman's heart

By Jenny Hope

WOMEN WHO drink three cups of tea a day may be protecting themselves against heart attacks and strokes.

They are less likely to have plaques - dangerous build-ups of fat and cholesterol – in their arteries, researchers found. Only around one third of women who drank three or more cups of tea a day had plaques in a neck artery, compared with almost half of those who drank no tea.

However, the French study appeared to show that men who were regular tea-drinkers did not reap the same health benefits. Researchers examined 2,613 men and 3,984 women with an average age of 73, measuring the level of plaque in their carotid artery using ultrasound.

Carotid plaque was found in 45 per cent of women who were not tea-drinkers, in 42.5 per cent of women who drank one or two cups of tea daily and in only 33.7 per cent of those reporting drinking three or more cups a day.


So bloody unfair. I drink loads of tea and it isn't doing anything to save my life at all.


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