Another stealth tax..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dhoby_bucket, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Possibly, but it is totally avoidable.

    Just drive a smaller car. Done.
  2. If you have to drive in the congestion zone five days a week the the £125 charge would more than cover the cost of a small car falling in the zero charge group.
  3. There are far to many 'chavs' unnecessarily using 4x4's this might thin them out a bit. I have one next door to me and all she uses it for is the take her girl to school half a mile away and for the shopping run to Asda, personally I shop at Waitrose far to many chavs and social scroungers use Asda.
  4. Damn I wanted to go to Asda on my next UK shopping trip. Have to be satisfied with just Tesco!

    On a more serious note, cars are definately not the no 1 polluter. Industry and power generation are worse, so why hit cars? Because it's easier.
  5. £25,its not enough!

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