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The return of 700NAS
700W flight was the old Wasp/Wessexs ships flight , the Wasp was rebadged 829 not sure about the Wessexs, :wink: :wink: Waspie would know, 700Z and 700B flew Buccaneers 700Y flew Sea Vixens in the 60s
700 Squadron has to my knowledge never been stood down.

It has always been the trials squadron prior to a new aircraft being brought into service.

In fact I think you will find no naval air squadrons are ever de-commissioned due to the expence of reforming them if needed.

Naval squadrons tend to be disbanded, but kept on the books so to speak in case they ever need to used again.

Wasn't 847 raised from the ashes in 1982 after being amalgamated with 848 upon leaving Singapore in 1971, when another Junglie unit was needed to go down South.

As always I await to be corrected by those more knowledgable than myself.


Lantern Swinger
In 2000, I was present at the Commisioning Ceremony of 824NAS at Culdrose. But most Squadrons who are re-equipping with new Aircraft merely "Re-Dedicate".
Is this "stand up", "stand down" stuff been acquired from the Army? Real Squadrons always disbanded and reformed with a service gap inbetween. Being "stood down" was always a temporary thing.

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