Another set of questions on Selection Interview.

Hello all,

I've spent the last week browsing the RNR website, Google and Navy-net, but much of the information around the Selection Interview -and recruitment generally- is quite opaque, old, or non-existant. A lot of linked websites no longer work, or I can only find RN information and I'm unsure if it applies.

I've been given a Selection Interview for the RNR on quite short notice (a week after RT, later this week); and I want to try and not make a complete prat of myself.

I've started a Google Doc with a factsheet around recruitment/training that I think is accurate-but I have a few lingering questions that I was hoping others could answer.

  • Part of the non-continuous training involves weekends -what type of training is this, examples?​
  • What does the annual 12 day continuous training consist of? Is it with unit or branch?​
  • Do RNR take the Pre-Royal Navy Course before beginning P1 training?​
Sorry the questions are bit run-of-the-mill; it seems the RNR has been simplified to the point of uselessness and every link directs you to 'choose your role'.

Any help would be appreciated, do shout if I'm missing something!​
a question for you, if I may.
Have you attended your local unit's Presentation Evening? and if so, were these questions addressed then?
If not, the POC you were given will be the best source, as they will be part of the recruiting team, and hence able to give you unbiased and correct answers.

but meanwhile:
You may become a Phase 0 entrant (a Probationary Recruit - PR), where you will still have Medical, SY clearance and PJFT outstanding, but can still join, (and get paid) subject to you successfully completing those 3 elements.

During your PR time, you will be attend on Drill Evenings and receive what training it is possible to give you, bearing in mind your non-medical status. You may even be able to attend Unit weekends of "general training/socials".

When all 3 outstanding elements are completed you will move to Phase 1 Training as a Recruit, where you will continue to attend drill evenings, being trained in the basics (drill, Naval Knowledge, Marks of Respect, Ironing etc).
I then think you have to complete 2 weekends, it might only be one now, a Marinisation and militarisation (I think Militarisation may have been dropped).
Then I think it is a week at HMS RALEIGH for the rifle course, and then 2 weeks at HMS RALEIGH for final Phase1 course and pass out as an AB2.

To qualify for Bounty, you normally need 24 days, of which at least 12 are Operational Training, and the rest Support Activity.

Op Training includes courses (weekends and RALEIGH etc), and of the 12 days, 10 should be in blocks of 5 days or more.
When you move to Phase2, the majority of Op Training is dedicated to Branch (though unit arrange).

Prior to confirmation as a Recruit (vice PR), you have to complete the RN Pre=Joining Fitness Teas, but not the RN Pre-joining Course.

Hope that helps, but as I said, your unit want you, and it is them who are best placed (and motivated) to help you with questions etc.

Thank you for the reply SR, I appreciate you've been batting off these sort of answers for years (judging from old posts turning up on my search).

Yes, I did attend a Presentation Evening. In a rather backwards fashion it was me who initiated contact to organise attending (I hadn't spoken to AFCO). Admittedly I had absolutely zero knowledge before and I hadn't realised the presentation was the first step in the recruitment process. So whilst the presentation did cover the general stages, it was really more for a 'feel' of the Unit on drill night and to gauge people's interest. I wish I had been primed with a bit more information so make better use of the visit, but either way it did the job and peaked my intent to apply.

The information you provided is perfect. It confirms much of the patch-work of detail that I've been accumulating. Hopefully it'll suffice for the Selection Interview.

If you've any veteran tips for the selection interview, I'd appreciate any advice. I've looked at most of what turns up in the search, so I feel reasonably prepared and I usually do alright in interviews. I'm just trying to cram some service-knowledge.

ta matey, good luck.
The only further advice I have for you is as follows:
1.treat all posts here as suspect (including mine) & get the info confirmed by the Unit
2.Talk to unit before interview, they will have spoken to may in your boat
3. Enjoy and be yourself
Just a quick note to say thank you. I had the ST today and it all went well, and much as you (and others) described. Cheers!

(Also, the unit recruiting officer actually contacted AFCO to say I'd spoken to him -which I think played well. It helps that they're desperate for manpower, too.)