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I need some advice on what to do. I spoke with the AFCO today, over the phone thanks to covid, and I don’t think I got my point across very well. I want to join the RN as an AET but quite frankly might not get past the medical.

I had a very difficult childhood which lead to me experiencing waves of depression and self harm. They all had the same causes. I want to join the navy because it will take me away from those same stress factors which I still experience and can manage better today. Basically I had a poor relationship with my older siblings and was the family outcast even by my parents so I did what (at the time) I felt was helpful (It’s bloody not so do not even think about it!)

The AFCO bloke I spoke to is going to contact the medical advisors and ask them. I didn’t manage to get all this across to him though because I was trying I suppose to get it all out quickly. I’ve read almost every thread on here about this and I just need a bit more advice. I’m only 19 so waiting won’t hurt. I’m already a year fully recovered.

Sorry that this is super long but my main questions are: If I were to apply in say 3 years, would I be allowed to maybe explain my self harm and depression to them? Is there anyway if I was deemed PMU that in the future I could maybe get deemed fit again?
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There's no-one on here medically qualified to give you an answer but if you were to be made PMU you can appeal.


Okay great! I haven’t applied yet and I want to wait 3 years to in any case, better safe than sorry.

do you know if when I do apply, I’ll get to kind of explain all of it?

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