Another scandalous affair!


The article below has been unashamedly cut and pasted from the Sunday Post today. All I can say is how true! It's about time that these bloody waste of space MP's, MSP's, MEP's and any other bloody whatever, took a stance and sorted out this unforgivable situation. There is far and away far too much of this kowtowing to the bloody Johnny Foreigner and teh bloody PC brigade et al. I am just bloody sick to the core of what is happening to this once great country. The bloody lunatics have indeed taken over the Asylum. Beam me up Scotty!!

From the Sunday Post 23.03.08

Paedophile in, hero out

COULD SOMEONE please explain to me why it’s possible for a paedophile who has spent virtually all his life in Australia to be allowed back into Britain, while a brave soldier from Nepal who served in the Falklands War is barred?

The predatory Raymond Horne, a 61-year-old pervert with a long record of abusing little boys, has been booted out of Australia and we’ve been forced to let him in.

Meanwhile, Gyanendra Rai, a brave Gurkha who was wounded in the Falklands, is not allowed into the UK to have ongoing treatment for his wounds.

He doesn’t even get a proper pension and isn’t entitled to live in the UK. The former lance corporal was badly injured by an Argentine bomb blast and suffered deep wounds to his back. He’s been left partially paralysed.


He still needs treatment after more than 25 years, but was forced to return home to Nepal with no income. What a scandalous way to treat someone who put his life at risk for Britain. This brave man has had to borrow money from loan sharks because he’s not been given an adequate army pension.

It’s an absolute scandal. The Gurkhas should be given proper pensions and the chance to settle here if they so wish. We’re only talking about 7000 veterans and you couldn’t find a finer, more honourable, hard-working group of people.

Meanwhile child abuser Horne will no doubt get every single benefit that’s going, even though doctors in Australia say he’s a real danger to children.

The world has indeed gone mad.


War Hero
The answer is simple but unfair. Thought the pervert has lived most of his life in oz, he is a Brutish citizen. The Gurkha is not.
Extremely unfortunate, however the Brits love the Gurkha's, presently the government is being challenged on these cases (even by some labour MPs


Lantern Swinger
Is it just me that wonders how it is that UK has to take the paedophile from Australia but isn't allowed to sent the thug that knifed a London headmaster to death back to Italy?
Seems odd that the Aussies are expelling a criminal. After all, they WERE a colony of cons. Perhaps Horne could be given a one way ticket to somewhere where they'll be no boys to abuse: he could become a NUN, in a closed order.

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