Another Rumour????


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Hopefully it is just another rumour, but the buzz is that in future you will not recieve your full bounty unless your 2 weeks is done as proper Operational role i.e at sea or in theater.
Any training (BSSC, LRCC, SRCC) will get a reduced rate. Also all new entrants coming in will not get bounty till they are operationally qualified.

Anyone else heard this one going round? hopefully just a bit of non rumour, but stranger things have and are happening!!!


What they say is that it encouarages people to get their training in, in reality it sounds like an excuse to save money and stich us up


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Doesn't sound likely to me. Your ORT will take place wherever it has to take place - at sea, somewhere hot and dusty, Collingwood etc

Can't see how they could lay down what training you need to complete (which may at some stage in the training cycle be a classroom in Pompey and at other times a sleek grey war canoe in the Caribbean (I wish) and then tinker with your Bounty because you aren't facing blood and gore and guts with veins in your teeth!

Standing by to find my faith in the system is totally misguided (again)


Not heard of this one. Bounty is paid in increments anyway so maybe that was what was meant? I suppose by the time a new entry reaches TPS they should be near the maximum amount anyway?

The RNR is meant to provide Operational Capability to the RN. As such, the term Opertational Role Training (ORT) is not really appropriate anymore and I think there maybe moves to change it. We're meant to be able to go to our respective roles fully trained anyway, unless filling a UT billet.

As DP rightly says, your annual two weeks, whatever they want to call it, could be on an operation, exercise, or course at Collingrad or where ever.


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From what I heard until your fully operationally trained you will not recieve any bounty, but once there you'll go straight onto full, doing away with the current incremental system. Then if you are on exercise or on an operational footing you'll get full bounty. If you just do training then it will be reduced.

Now maybe this means that you will get a bonus for going Operational/Exercise and just get a standard bounty if your on training, Danger money if you like.

Can't see it effecting the lower ranks much as they tend to be operational most of the time, but Senior rates and especially Officers, many of whom seem to be eternally on a training course, will be.

Lets face it thats what we are here for, and maybe it will be the end of going on pointless courses, only to have to go on them again when we are called up anyway. yet more money saved.


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And how do they propose to administer this piece of divisive lunacy? We need to train to improve our capability to do the job in the field. For most of us this means a 2 week training course 1 year, then a 2 week exercise the next - if the system works - which it often doesn't. Nice way to cause even more retention issues guys - is COMMARES actually trying to go down in history as the last ever RNR commodore?

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