Another RFA joining thread.


Hi chaps,

I have been browsing through some of the posts but havnt seem to be able to find the information I was looking for. I have had a browse through the RFA.pdf and just have a few questions....I am looking to join and working in the Deck Branch.

(I am also showing interest in the Royal Navy - Seaman Specialist).

1: It is mentioned that its civilian manned? Is it like the TA, you only do it part time? Or can you make it/is it a full time job/career?

2: Regarding training, I would say I am quite fit but lacking in pull up capability. I am starting a Royal Marine programme, are the fitness levels in the RFA the same as the Royal Navy or not as strict?

3: I dont have many qualifications, I have some GCSE's, I beleive D is my highest in English/Science, but pretty much failed my maths (G, if thats possible). Would I struggle, as in do I need to study any Mechanical or re-do my Maths?

Any other information or words you can give would be great. It will be a few months before I really decide to join. Mean time I will be working my fitness and swimming.

Thanks in advance,

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1) RFA are full time merchant navy (civilians).

2) fitness levels are not as strict as RN

3) You don't need civvy quals.

Ready to be corrected though.
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