Another reason to bag the fag ?

Believe it or not , in addition to turning us into a stiff it appears smoking also reduces the ability to get hard . Now as hard as this may be to accept it must surely prick our concience when unable to raise enough interest in one of our favourite past-times . This problem must be handled with care however without pointing the blame at anyone . So dear smokers , next time you light up a fag just think before you drag and say to drag or shag that is the question but seriously it is further proof that the weed is not good for male or female and with this effect well over to you .

"Smoker's droop

Ruth Ostrow | July 14, 2007
We are being bombarded with yet another set of anti-smoking ads, these ones showing a surgical procedure in explicit detail. The operation being performed is to help prevent risk of a stroke in a smoker due to blocked arteries in the neck, and there's no lack of blood and guts.
Some people say the new campaign – which has been given an M rating – has gone too far. Personally, I don’t think these graphic ads go far enough, or rather low enough.
I was privy to an interesting discussion the other day. A friend was lamenting the problems her male partner of 37 was having due to flagging performance. Another friend, a health practitioner, asked: “Does he smoke?â€
The answer was not only that he smokes up to two packets a day, but that he’s been smoking for most of his life. The practitioner then went on to explain that sexual dysfunction is common in men who smoke. “If advertisers really told the truth about how un-sexy smoking was, men wouldn’t touch the stuff.â€
According to ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) and Tobacco-Free Kids, smoking doubles the risk of erectile dysfunction for men in their 30s and 40s.
“It seems to me that we have a serious case of ‘smokers droop’ on our hands,†ASH quotes Dr Ian Banks, chair of UK Men’s Health Forum, as saying. Roger Kirby, a urologist at St George’s Hospital, London, says smoking not only damages small blood vessels, but there could also be a direct action on the smooth muscle within the penis.
The same goes for women. Smoking has been linked to sexual dysfunction and loss of libido. It’s thought to be due to reduced blood flow to the vessels responsible for arousal – the premise upon which “female Viagra†was based.
So I call for a full-frontal campaign. Why not show a gorgeous young couple getting into bed together. She is not interested: “Smoking affects female libido.†He coerces her but then can’t do the deed: “Smoking affects performance.†I bet that would do more to put people off smoking than other, gorier tactics.
As Joni Mitchell sings: “Sex sells everything.†Why doesn’t the anti-smoking lobby really get down
‘n’ dirty and use the absence of sex to sell its message? I bet a few graphic photos of a smoker’s dismay would have sales, well, let’s just say, flagging. "
Packets of Fags in NZ, now have pictures on the fliptop lid thingy in full technicoluor gory detail showing the effects of smoking on the lungs heart, etc..not for the faint hearted, most smokers either have a packet sized case or just rip it off, so the anti smoking brigade must be relying on a constant drip_drip Chinese water torture effect
Surely folk just look 'through it' after a while though? The Winnie fags in Aus used to have a big far cough warning on it, but to a smoker (for I was that smoker), you don't see it, cos you lie to yourself and are in denial. Or something.
That's an idea with fag packets , every time the packet is opened the sound of a cancer ridden hacking cough , you know like the top of the double decker bus going to work on a winter morning , all the windows shut and just about everyone smoking , hacking hell . Still , if smokers can't get ' it ' up more crumpet for the non-smokers ,

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