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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Zoidberg, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Someone just suggested joining an RNR holding troop whilst the SMO gets on with my medical referral.

    No doubt I'd get some decent skills from it, some experience with navy style phys and probably some drill.

    How viable of an option is that likely to be?
  2. I know I've been outof the mob for a long time but WTF is this all about?
  3. As the Medical for the RNR is the same as the one for the Regular RN not a good option I'd have thought, as has been mentioned before by Ninja and Supermario.
    Do you not read the replies given to other crips, tards, migraine sufferers with eczema and other various twunts who think that their disability shouldn't be a bar to them serving?
    Or are you just too bone for the message to get through?
  4. I haven't failed my medical, and I'm not looking to join the RNR; just go along to the drill nights (or whatever it is that they;re called) until my medical is sorted or rejected.
  5. You case has been referred to a Specialist has it not? Therefore you haven't exactly passed it yet either.

    Off the top of my head reasons why you might not be welcome.
    Health and Safety issues, you not being signed onto the Strength of the Unit may open Instructors to prosecution if for some reason you have an accident.
    As soon as you mentioned the fact that your case was pending a review you'd be shown the door.

    Security Issues, have you got your Security clearance? I'm sure the Instructors need the hassle of remembering not to mention details of sensitive material when you rock up so that you can learn a few knots or something.

    As all potential Reservists have to go through the same recruitment process as Regulars before they can begin any Training....Brick wall quotient reached yet?

    The members of the RNR Unit would all lose the will to live after listening to your bone questions, whining about the Navy being picky and general twuntiness.
    Pop down to ASDA and see if they've got any Patience in, as you obviously dipped out in the PreNatal issue.
  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    More to the point we in the RNR wouldnt want to waste our scarce time and resources training someone who is going to dissapear very quickly. You'd be taking the place of someone from who we'd actually get some value.
  7. Dr Z

    I'll give you some drill instruction if you like.... though what I learned at school in the 1970s might be obsolete.

    Please bring your own .303 rifle! :biggrin:

    Nutter of Civvyland

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