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Another Portsmouth UXB


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Apparently WW2 German 500 kg bomb found during the dredging work undertaken prior to the arrival of the new carriers.


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Before it was removed to avoid upsetting the Germans there used to be a huge wall map in Portsmouth Museum showing where each bomb had landed.

When a raid started dummy fires were lit in Langstone Harbour to try and get the aiming point shifted onto the mud. As a result Hayling collected a few and the natives there were not best pleased, but the scheme must have saved many more lives in Portsmouth. I would be unsurprised if a huge number of bombs making a soft landing in Portsmouth and Langstone harbours were not still there.

Brought up a bit north of Petersfield, I recall one morning asking my uncle what that red glow was in the sky to the South. His reply was 'That's Portsmouth, burning'. I also remember tiptoeing through the rubble to go to the pantomime at the Theatre Royal near the Guildhall.


Was it dredged-up actually in Pompey harbour, or a bit outside? Either way it's jogged my memory. When I joined my first ship in Pompey (at SRJ) as a baby bunting in the early 70s, one of the first dits that I heard was that there was a known UXB from WWII around at the mouth of the harbour.....that is to say, somewhere roughly between Dolphin and Vernon, according to the stories of the time. Back then (well over 40 years ago) the rumour was that it wouldn't take too much to set it off so pusser had decided against trying to search it out and defuse/recover it. Nobody on my ship actually gave a donald-duck either way, because we were Chatham-based and had only a handful of Pompey ratings onboard!! Maybe, just maybe, it's turned out that the rumours were true.......the UXB did indeed exist.


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Now I'm confused. BBC South said today that the bomb was destroyed, and the RN commander who was interviewed seemed to say there was no visible explosion on the surface, which meant that his divers had to go back and check - and collect the bits. But:

Apologies for any crap adverts. The same bomb?
An earlier bomb, from Nov last year :


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Ah. Thanks!

Sort of: "And here's one I did earlier....."

That would account for the visible explosion. But the Sky video appeared to be dated 30 September 2016.

When exactly IS Groundhog Day?


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Ah. Thanks!

Sort of: "And here's one I did earlier....."

That would account for the visible explosion. But the Sky video appeared to be dated 30 September 2016.

When exactly IS Groundhog Day?

Someone from South Island asking when Groundhog day is? LOL It's every day for you shippers..... ;)


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We don't do Groundhog Day.

Although it's possible you might be confused by South Island endearments such as: "Squeal like a pig!"

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