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how many limbs have you got?

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War Hero
I find this poll a little suspicious. I mean first it was ethnic diversity polls, now it's limbs. Does the number of limbs dictate the level of positive / neutral / negative discrimination you can be subjected to?

Personally - I'm reclassifying that information as need to know.
I have only one , my Mum and Dad used to put me in and out of the bath with,its embarassingly large,wasnt allowed to wear shorts.

Deleted 7

If I had more arms and hands, I could carry more when clothes shopping, which would mean spending more money that I don't, having a bedroom full of clothes that I would only wear half of, too many pairs of shoes that only 40% would go with every outfit and having a bigger nervous breakdown when trying to pick out 'the' outfit for a night out on the town.

Unless you're gay, men don't need to think like this!


I'm not gay , so it's brilliant , wear what I like and could'nt give a shite , and only dance if there's sex at the end of it , I wonder why I never get to dance :?

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