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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jerry_Hatrick, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. I've received the following, and signed:


    PLEASE can you sign this petition for soldiers pensions at the above link.

    For those of you who don`t know, Sgt Matty Telford was killed 3rd Nov 2009
    by a rogue Afghan Policeman. You may remember him from the news as
    `Sgt` Matty Telford but the Army give his children his pension at the
    "Corporal" rate because he was a Sergeant for less than a year.

    The unfairness of this is that he was promoted so he could do this job in Afghanistan.
    Had he not been promoted he would have been doing a different job and may have
    been with us today.

    After this petition was started it came to light that this is happening to a lot of our
    soldiers families.

    So much for the Covenant.

  2. Signed with pleasure. This is an obvious system "abuse" that needs to be reviewed and corrected urgently (and retrospectively)
  3. Done :lol:

    Unbelievable the that some jobs worth sucks air through teeth and says ohh, we cant pay her a Sgts pension. Disgraceful. :twisted:
  4. Done already, Jerry.

    (See my 'Dependents Short-changed.' at )

    Wow-Wee, I see that another 2,700 Signatures have been added since Friday 17th Sept!

    Clearly a V. Good cause which deserves this BUMP and more RR support.

  5. 'Shiney arsed MOD bean counters' :twisted:

    Signed by both of us. :thumbleft:

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