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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Members of our Armed Forces take part in conflicts on the say so of the Government. The reasons for these are numerous; our Armed Forces take up the challenge and carry out their duties to the best of their abilities. It is only right that adequate facilities are provided within the Service environment to aid injured & disabled personnel. The NHS is already stretched, beds are limited and PCTs struggle to make ends meet. Is this really the best environment to treat servicemen/women who have been subjected to injuries that many of us can only imagine? A more sensible approach would be to treat these people in facilities dedicated to their needs and surrounded by their comrades. Spare capacity could be used to assist the NHS. This is a reverse of the current situation and would free up beds and ease the burden in NHS hospitals. Bringing back military hospitals can go some way to providing this service. This is a small price to pay for those people who help to protect our liberty.

    Forces Hospital petition
  2. Cheers, Chockhead.
  3. Signed.
  4. janner

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    Signed and distributed to other sites and addressee's
  5. Good argument well presented. Signed. Thanks for the link
  6. Another name added
  7. already signed

    Don't forget the Defence Committee’s inquiry into Medical Care for the Armed Forces.
    Click on the link below and contribute to the inquiry!
  8. Signed Shipmate.
  9. Signed
  10. Duly signed witn pleasure!
  11. bumping this back up
  12. I'm sorry but I can't agree. There are not enough service patients with enough diverse conditions to support armed forces hospitals. The Armed Services need blocks of wards in large NHS hospitals near to concentrations of armed forces (Portsmouth, Aldershot, etc). These wards should give absolute priority to service patients, or even be for armed forces patients only, even if there were empty beds. Medical/Nursing staff would be free to work elsewhere in the hospital and therefore maintain/learn their skills on a wide variety of clinical material. The blocks should be physically separated from the rest of the hospital so that security could be maintained.
  13. I agree this would probably be the best option as it would give not only Service Medical Staff the chance to keep their skills up to date by rotating through with the NHS wards BUT would also give NHS Drs & Nurses the chance to possibly learn new skills dealing with incidents affecting forces personnel.
  14. SIGNED, seem to be getting on personal terms with No 10 at the moment the number of petitions I have signed. Perhaps they should read them and see how pissed off the majority of us are.
  15. That is a good point, but the trouble is the NHS hates stand-alone service hospitals because they (the NHS) lose money, and the NHS starved service hospitals of patients. They let RNH Plymouth have one day of surgical admissions a week; not enough to keep up a good flow of cases.
  16. Have any of these petitions worked? Just out of interest.
  17. I've signed. As per the other thread, I e-mailled my local MP re: this issue after the 'Abandoned Squaddies' programme aired. I have received a response, albeit a bog standard one, but at least it is a response of some sort?
  18. Signed

    9,600 signatures so far on it. :thumright:
  19. Ling, the short answer is NO. Over two million people signed the roads petition and the government response was, "Tough tit", we are doing it anyway!

    The Haslar hospital campaign has been going on for years. Marches, petitions and local councillers going to Westminster. Government response "Tough tit", it is going to close.

    Keep Striving

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