another of the old ones gone.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by babystew, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. I certainly mean no disrespect, but could he really have commanded a boat (as the article suggests) at the age of 21?

  2. 28, not 21.

    And entirely feasible at the time.
  3. Born August 16 1924.

    'patrolling the sea as a submarine commander at the tail end of the war'

    Only just 21.
  4. Most U boat commanders where around that age in ww11.
  5. May well have been, but he was British.
  6. if you read the article he did dartmouth at 13years old.
  7. It also says his first command was in '52.
  8. "It was in 1952, while commanding the Subtle, he and his crew were used in the Jack Hawkins film, The Cruel Sea. Sadly, not as the swashbuckling hero, I hasten to add, but as the skipper and crew of the U-Boat that surfaced in the closing minutes of the film.

    "The Subtle was his first command

    In 1952 he would have been 28.

    "But it wasn't long before he would swap the surface for a career stalking enemy vessels and patrolling the sea as a submarine commander at the tail end of the war and into the 1950s."

    A bit of artistic licence by the paper perhaps.

    Edited to add, Karma must have written that while I was busy cutting and pasting.
  9. Erm, yes. And?

    OK, it was a poorly written article which I found genuinely confusing - it clearly contradicts itself.

    Anyway, as I said, no offence intended.
  10. The Article was written obviously by his relatives .
    Knew John as the Life President of my Submariners Association Branch.

    Very genuine Guy and a Gentleman .

    He was a Sub/Lt---Lt in 1944 on Totem as 3rd Hand
    Was on Amphion as 1st Lt 1948
    CO qual [Perisher ] 1951 and CO of Subtle 1952

    Hope it clarifies the points raised.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  11. thanks greenie, he must have been a real gent , from other articles i've read about him.
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    1. 13 was the normal entry age to Dartmouth. Catch 'em young. Was changed to 16 in 1949 by Labour for doctrinaire reasons. Read all about it in 'The Cradle of Neptune' by John Lodwick.

    2. I think the article means he started in S/Ms in 1945, but, as to command, sadly there were rather a lot of vacancies. Probably impossible to track in the Navy List as he would have been on the books of a depot ship but perhaps S/M museum have more detail.
  13. Sea weed I have John Evans details from his start S/m's till his retirement
    nothing on his early days . However there was mention of him being on
    Nelson --she went to refit in the USA in 1944 !!
    John Evans was at HMS Elfin ,Blyth . S/m 6 for Sm training early 1944 when he was 20 . His first submarine billet was on Totem 1944 as a
    S/Lt . 3rd watchkeeping officer[3rd hand] Promoted Lt 1945.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  15. Some wartime Submarine COs were very young.Vice admiral Sir Anthony Troup DSC* was 22 when he got his command of Strongbow.He had been Tubby Linton's XO.

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