Another numpty got injured.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Soothsayer, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. I picked up an injury whilst running. After seeing a running specialist it seems my gait is wholly incorrect. Therefore I'm going to see a Physio next wed to asses my options. If he recommends another 4 month rehab and I inform my AFCO on my injury, I understand I will loose my start date in may, but will I then wait from the bottom of the list to get another start date? Or will i just get kicked loose all together?
  2. it depends on your injury? Is it likely to stop you joining? What will they need to do to correct it?

    Ring your Careers advisor and they will be able to tell you for definite, rather than us guessing!!!!

  3. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

    It sounds like you may need orthotics in your shoes. I'll keep my fingers crossed you don't need the rehab.
  4. Depends if you have actually incurred an injury. If you have just got a bit of ache due to dodgy gait, insoles should sort this (as the nurse has suggested) and the problem should correct quickly without need for protracted rehab. If there is more to it than that, you may be in for a longer wait.
  5. well the wierd thing is its happened because i tried to correct my gait. I have been running in nuetral shoes for 3 years, done a half marathon in them and no problems. But when i was researching new shoes i bought the asics kayano, which is for serious pronators. and the running specialist has said I am a pronator. but since going back to nuetral shoes the pain has subsided. So just for piece of mind really i need to get it checked out.
  6. "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."

    "Don't do that then."
  7. So you had no pain in neutral shoes, went to a shop to get new shoes and got sold corrective shoes by a "specialist" which give you problems?

    Must've been a big window in that shop - they saw you coming.

    I'd go back to neutral shoes: problem solved. That'll be £80 please.
  8. Soothsayer NOOOOOO!!! if you need rehab & miss our May start I'll be slightly upset!!! :(
  9. I was other way round. Spent years in Neutral Cushioning trainers before I started getting issues. Put myself through a series of assessments and it turned out I needed SC. Been using a pair of UK Gear Running shoes with SC and problem solved after a few weeks. Sooner you get yourself checked out, sooner the fixing can begin.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    This running with various shoes and gaits amazes me, as a youngster I was a County standard cross country runner over 5/7 miles. Bearing in mind this was the late 1950's I ran in standard (read cheap) plymsoles, eventually convinced Mother to buy me a pair of baseball boots which gave support to my ankles. Never had any of the problems that I keep reading about on here. Mind you in those days I was as thin as a whippet.
    Anyone any ideas as to why this has come about, or is it just that we all live in softer and less active time nowadays?
  11. You will be required to run your RNFT in HITEC Silver Shadows when you get to Raleigh anyway so any gucci shoes that you buy you will not be allowed to use. The only time you can use your own trainers during phase one training is if the medical type people say that you can or if you go and do your own phys or sport in your very limited free time.
  12. I have had two pairs of Kayanos, as I too overpronate. My first pair were amazing to run in, my latest pair, not so great. Just the way it goes I s'pose. (Needless to say, don't use the new ones much)
  13. Thats sound like my situation, and thanx for the calming news that you got sorted in a few weeks.
    Don't worry Marm, I will only not go if basic training will tear my ligaments of my bones.
    Been listening to I will Persist to get my self in the uplifting mode
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I misheard some advice about footwear and ended up purchasing a pair of Canoes. Apart from looking like a court jester with feet a Fijiian would envy, my running has improved and i can walk on water. Eating Maltesers is a bit difficult though.
  15. You'll be glad to hear this is a common mistake, leading many canoe manufacturers to issue warning not to try and wear their goods.
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  16. You cock hungry gipping whore-sack
  17. Accueil - Sorbothane. These Could be useful they are great for running in I use these in my boots for fieldgun and in my trainers for running. Good luck. Don't forget you get issued with Hi Tec silver shadows at Raleigh so you might face a problem in running in them. Soborthanes are great in your boots defo coming with me to Raleigh.
  18. When selecting your size for those silver shadows or any trainer your going to run in get a one size bigger than your normal size as your feet expand whilst running.
  19. Sorbothane insoles are fine until they get wet. Then they're a disaster.

    Without wanting to spoil the fun, your feet will get wet in RALEIGH.
  20. Couldn't agree more as my 'sport' used to be cross country running. I did it for years in ordinairy plimsolls with absolutely no ill effect then or later.
    I deeply suspect this move to super duper shoes and have never owned a pair of trainers of any type. I suspect IMHO that we are building up no end of problems.
    When I was running I knew my limits and it was obvious that if I pushed it too far I would get hurt. Nowadays with the latest shoes it could be easy to overestimate your ability and what you can do.
    Can someone inform me if the standard required now is that much higher than it was back in the 70s; that much higher that people seem to be (according to what I read on here) training very hard to reach them.
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