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Hi ellebee

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes it’s good / reassuring to hear from someone in a similar situation to your own.

All the best with your application.
I’m just wondering is anyone else in the same situation with the exception of Scouse Castaway & Older Joiner who are around the same age as myself I think. All the other newbies seem to be school leavers or haven’t really embarked on a career as such yet or maybe I have just missed their posts?

Oi!! I'll be turning 27 in May!! you forgot to mention me!!! :cry: ;-P

I'm embarking on my RN career just before then as ET(ME) :)

Best of luck & well done on the mega posts!!


I passd my RT in March last year and have just turned 26. Did a brief stint in the TA before deciding on this route. Going for the position of Writer.


Good Luck to you too Betty. I was told by my CA the average age of applicants was 24 (this was a year ago now) so I'm sure you won't be the oldest at Raleigh!

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