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Another Newbie!

Evening all.

I'm 28 and I've been lurking in the forums for some time reading alot of useful information and laughing at your jokes (well, okay not quite all of them lol)

I would like to apply as a Logistic officer and have some questions regarding the application process.....

1) I consder myself quite fit having played sports and trained in Martial Arts for some years. I probably wouldn't pass my PJFT at my current level of fitness but with a bit of work I would get there. Do I wait until I can run the 2.4K inside the time before applying? or apply and train like mad.

2) Eyesight. My current occupation (of 10yrs) has involved working and staring at computer screens numeros hours each day (I probably sound a bit of a nerd!) it has no doubt had some impact on my eyesight. I also had a squint/lazy eye when I was a child and used to wear corrective lenses (glasses) but was told (again some years ago) I no longer needed to wear them. I have not had my eyes tested since school and imagine my eyesight has deterioriated as a result of occupational hazard and whether or not I still have the squint is also in doubt. - If this is the case and I would require corrective lenses can I not enrole?

3) Dental - An irrational fear of the dentist left me with having to have lower dentures (back left and back right) Does this also exclude me from applying?

I probably have a load more questions but thank you for reading this post.

Kind Regards
1 - apply now and start training. I suspect your fitness will improve enough in time.
2 - go to tesco's, get a free eye test, and take along the visual acuity standards - they should be able to tell you where (roughly) you lie.
3 - no idea, Angrydoc (another user) will be along soon enough to help you on this one.

Anything else?



Lantern Swinger

1) best answer....go to the gym and try the 2.4km run and compare your time to the PJFT standard...if your close, then train a little more, if not then build up. Remember to work on push ups and situps as you will be tested on that at BRNC, also practise treading water and pulling yourself out of the pool if possible

2) The RN will pay for an eye test and your eyesight will be classified as VA1, VA2, VA3 and so on. VA1 being the best, I think you can wear glasses but not contacts (don't quote me on that)

3) Make sure you visit the dentist before you go for the medical or have appointments booked to get your teeth sorted, I think they mean no untreated cavities / broken teeth / abcesses / gum disease

Ninja or S_M will probably be along at some point to either confirm what I have said or tell me I am talking out of my rear.
Hi , Apply now, don't wait. Eyesight will be tested as paert of the selection process. As long as your dental treatment is completed it will not impact on you joining.

Get down your local office as soon as possible and apply as quickly as you can




I applied in September and didn't complete my PJFT until December, the RTs, medical and eye test all come first so should give you plenty of time.


Realise that a certain amount of initiative is required - if you think you eyesight is dodgy then it's probably a good idea to go to an optician and not wait until considering joining the Forces to sort out a problem which you have already identified.


Lantern Swinger
Apply now. You'll have at least a few weeks until your medical, then you've got within a month of that to run the 2.4km. 2 months of hard work (though take it easy at first if you don't run) ought to get you to at least a pass.

Your AFCO will give you a form and pre-paid voucher to take to an opticians and get your eyes tested to make sure they're within spec for hyperopia/myopia and a couple of other things. I'd imagine you can ask the optician to tell you whether or not you have a squint while you're there. I have no idea if it's a bar to entry but the AFCO/medical will let you know.
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