Another newbie!

Seasons Greetings to everyone :rendeer:
Been a member of the Barrow Submariners Association for quite some time now, but just found this place :thumright: .
Ex submariner. In boats from mid 50's to 1968, serving on Narwhal, Walrus, Aeneas, Anchorite and Alcide and the odd trip on Explorer, at the end of which I received the princely sum of £195 and no pension :glasses5: !
Boy they know how to take care of their boys in the RN :notworthy: !

Welcome over to the Dark Side. Do not upset the moderator or you will receive the same treatment as BobH.

Appy Christmas to all from freezing damp and expensive Sussex. Scotland next week.

Nutty :afro: :toilet:
Hi Nutty. Thanks for the advice! And you think Scotland is going to be any better than Sussex??? Had five years up there in Faslane (50's 60's) and it must have rained EVERY DAY! Pluss it was full of Scotts :naka: Ooops - forgot the caber Heh Heh Heh!

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