Another Newbie


Lantern Swinger
Jerry_Hatrick said:
Hi All,

Newbie here. Been looking at this site for some time as a
visitor, and a couple of weeks ago I came across the
contributed list of Naval sayings and pipes. Pee'd myself
laughing, and I just had to sign on.

As for me, joined Ganges in '54 and left the mob in '66 as a
killick Sparker. I am now retired. Married & divorced twice,
with two daughters and three Grand children.

I'm currently stringing a Web site together about my time
in the Andrew for the grand children, and I wondered if anyone
would object to me pasting a selection of the Rum Ration list
of Naval maxims and pipes into the appendix - I would hate to
see them watered down and diluted by the Political Correctness


Jerry Hatrick
Hi Jerry....I joined Ganges in '54 392 class Rodney Div and left in '63 as a killick sparker. What class was you in?

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