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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sc_06, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. hello everyone,

    I'm due to start my basic training on the 12th of november, hopefully joining the ET(ME) branch. I'm mostly looking forward to going but the last minute nerves are slowly but surely kicking in. i just wanted some peoples thoughts of their experience of basic training and generally what they thought of it.

    Many thanks,
  2. Ex stoker, ow do's yer bum for spots.
  3. Way to go stirling - how to steal another newbie's air time in one easy move. Too busy to write your own post?

  4. I am a dummy, I assumed this was where one stuck his or her first post

    Apologies sc_o6 :oops:
  5. In a new thread not others :lol:

    Anyway, welcome to both of you! Good luck sc_06 and keep us posted!
  6. Good luck with it sc.
    I'm and old "greeny" stoker electrical in English.
    Basic will be a short sharp shock (unless it's changed that much) to you; listen to your instructors - they are actually there to help you - and try 110% all the time. You'll be good at some things where others won't be and vice-versa, so you'll have to help each other out and support each other. It's all about building team players.
    Most of the rules you'll have to follow are for a very good reason but may not be explained to due to the fact you have to learn to carry out orders on instinct - not to question them (another side to that I know, but keeping it simple), a simple example:

    The RAF and Army can have moustaches - why are we not allowed them?
    The answer is: You may well be expected to wear fire-fighting breathing apparatus at any time on a ship - if you have a 'tache you won't get a face seal. Good reason!!

    Go with the flow and you'll be alright - it'll be hard work and you'll probably want to quit at some point during basic - DON'T!!
    It get's easier once you start your trade training. Looking back it WAS fun - big corporations now use smaller versions of this for "team building" and pay a fortune for it - you'll get it free AND get paid for it!

    Good Luck :lol:
  7. cheers for the comment,

    To be honest the thing thats making me nervous is the 1.5 miler im doing it now @ 10 mins near enough on the dot but im a bit nervous about the possibillity of failing some part of the physical training course and getting chucked out!
  8. With a time like that, you should be fine on the day and it's only natural to be nervous about the RNFT - adrenaline makes you run faster!

    As regards the rest of your training, take alhucoll's advice - do the best you can, with a posistive attitude. Pay attention to your instructors and listen to their advice - they are specially selected for that job and they know what they're talking about

    If you feel down and things don't seem to be going well, just think "just a little bit more effort" and you should be fine.

    Enjoy it!
  9. Wimps ....
  10. Alhucoll Just one question on your post, are sailors no longer allowed to grow a set? Just curious about the breathing apparatus.

  11. Do you actually have anything constructive to post?Whats with all the Negative Vibes?
  12. A full set is completely different to a 'tache - it was an illustration of rules for a reason. With a full set it has to be requested so that's different from just growing a 'tache, and I doubt you'd be in the fire time with a beard.
  13. Andym ............ Sensitive beast ......

    I just come from a different time maybeez but the basic principles of joining the forces must surley be the same?? Who would write; "Last minute nerves" on a web site? I am heartbroken sometimes at the content of some of these posts ...... I belong to the "Ganges Associaton" & guys were GUYS then!! (Still are!). I know times have to move on & stuff but for Christ sake!! Did you read that 'Navy Wife' (or whatever) who said .. " When do we get our £5,000:00?? Blah-dee, Blah-dee fuckin' Blah ..... "

    I'm just an ex sailor who was there when the man Michael Pollock (type it into your URL!) was told to close down Far Eastern deployments & fall in with the Yanks ...... Cod war/move to the Carribean etc. (That was a bitch eh?) & I cannot believe the whole "My duvet is red ... what colour is yours" shite. There is no real bite sometimes & this is one of those posts....!!

    It's 23:25 on a Saturday night & I am three sheets to the wind & leaning to port ... but Hey! At least you care ..... Sigh! .... that's gotta be a start??

    Moo xx
  14. I start today!! really excited now! get into plymouth at just before 6! set off from leeds at just before 11! great fun!
  15. Good luck! Let us know how it goes, keep in mind that phase one is gentle to ease you in!
  16. Good luck for the future and a career in the senior service. Enjoy it and keep your ears and eyes open and you will learn a great deal.

    Try to remember you are entering a disciplined service and its not school.
  17. SC Basic Training Is Fuckin Amazin U Get Ur Arsed Kicked Into Gear... I did my basic in april 05 and left in oct 05.... funnly enough if i was doin basic again which iam not my entry date would be the same as ur as it happens i get to be a civvy for another 2 months and i will be at collingwood the same time i think which is in jan sometime...

    listen to wat ur instructors say take on there advice and use it... wen u get ur station cards dont go crazy like we did we had them taken off us every week hahaha.... by the way DRAKEs are the best....
  18. Growing a moustache does not prevent a full face seal when using a BA but a full beard would. I think the not growing of a moustache is more historical and somebody on RR will no doubt have a proper reason.

    Away from that good luck newbie I did 25 Years and loved it its hard at first but gets better
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can someone do an English version of this please :roll:

  20. never did pass my english key skills hahahahha

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