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Another newbie 'nozzer'

:cool: Greetings all, new to this great site, love the funnies. RN 1971-1987, Comms branch, finished as CY. Any ex Bulwark, Penelope, Fearless, Amazon, Achilles, St Angelo/Lascaris, HQBFFI or Mt Wise comms rates onboard ? Still in the Comms world in London. Always up for a run ashore. :mrgreen:
Welcome on board our cyber pussers war canoe Hornblower. If you've retained a GSOH you'll love it here: we're a happy ship, but if your humourless you'll think we're all mad... well not the youngsters perhaps... :lol:

Also if you trained at a place called Shotley (in the middle of the Gobby Desert) whatever you do, don't refer to it by name as it scares the shits out of today's Raleigh ABs! We call it the G Spot here.

Have fun and remember, here you can legally buy honours (well medals anyhow)! :wink: Please click the link below... when it appears...

Welcome to RR, a read through the threads on here brightens up your day and puts a smile on your face. :grin: 24/7

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