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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sophie, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, just introducing myself to the forum after FINALLY being sent an activation link after around 6 attempts! :)
    I'm 19yrs old, at college (yes another student bum) doing A levels, and hoping to go into the Navy next year as a medical assistant. I realise that I could go into the QARNNS with my qualifications but have absolutley no desire in becoming a nurse, particularly as I hope to go to uni and retrain to become a Paramedic (hence the A levels) when I leave.
    My plan is to spend around 4 to 6 years in the mob learning, working hard, playing harder and enjoying life! I'm going in really for the life experience and travel rather than a career, although who knows what will happen if I love it too much to leave? :D

    So that's me for now, will prob be knocking around the site quite a lot until I get in - lovin' the dits!
  2. Welcome Sophie do not take us Old Gits to seriously as we have to much time on our hands, unlike you poor students slaving away at lectures, the library and keyboard each day 8 am to 8pm.

  3. Hi Sophie and welcome to RR!!
  4. Welcome student Sophie.
    Abandon hope all ye who enter here......... Yaaarrrrrrr
  5. Hey Sophie!

    How you doing?

    Us youngun's can all stand in a corner together and look sheepish :D
  6. Hey BlackDwarf!
    sounds like a plan! :D what's your story?

    We need to get some more posts going, bring the site up to par with ARSSE!

  7. Welcome Sophie!
    I'm quite a newbie too, always good to see more birds on here ;-)
  8. Hey Welsh, i've seen you around bird! lol
    You already in the mob or waiting?

  9. I've done my time Sophie, came out in 97 - did 5 years ( I know I don't look old enough ) :wink:
  10. Hello shippers
    Just a quick into, found this board whilst surfing the web as you do, think its geart and will be spreading the word.
    a little bit about me,

    well 12 years as a scab lifter is enough to do anyones head in, served on several ships amazingly for a *doc* non sea dodger i was, loved 90% of the time i was in, but no regreats about leaving, well 1 i have to work for a living now lol.

    Kind regards to you all

    Mad :D
  11. Hehe. I'm 20, and curently in the recruitment process. Waiting on a call back to do my psychometrics. Doing as much excercise as I can before the PJFT's.

    Hit me on MSN if you fancy a chat :)


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