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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Niklaus, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been considering the RN for some time, and from lurking on the forum for a while I discovered that there is probably no other place where I can find the help I will no doubt need in finding out what's best for me :)

    I'm currently at uni, and have thought about military service for quite some time. I was considering a potential spell as a Warfare Officer - this might just be a high-aimed goal though, or perhaps not even the ideal job for me; this is why I signed up here, hoping that I would be able to find help in determining what I should aim for.

    So, I place myself at the mercy of more-wisened members :D
  2. I'll say welcome
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Welcome to the site Niklaus
  4. Lurk no more and ask the questions you need answers to.

  5. Welcome Nicklaus ,
    wompingwillow , your such a good looking barsteward :roll: :lol:
  6. Thanks for the welcome. Okay then, some questions:

    1) What are the duties of an entry-level WO and what is the training like?

    2) About training - what does it take to pass officer training, (to quote another thread) physically and mentally?

    3) The big one: Surface or Submarines?

    I'm quite interested in submarines, but I don't know if there are any special requirements to serving on Subs that I may/may not live up to.
    As for the rest, I'd say my fitness level needs improving - but naturally I'm making amends for that - but fitness-wise my main concern is a low BMI. How does this fare and what can I do (if need be) to correct it?
  7. First of all - best to use the term "Warfare Officer" rather than WO, which has a different meaning in the RN (it means Warrant Officer).

    I presume you are male? - as service on submarines is currently closed to females. (Just in case you were not aware of this.)

    I'm sure the RN website had information on initial career paths ( at one point but of course you will probably get more useful information here.

    BMI thresholds have recently been adjusted - or was this just for the Army? - to allow lighter/heavier entrants. Unless your BMI is particularly low I doubt it will be a problem, though it is something that is measured in the medical.
  8. Apologies :)

    Aye, 'medical reasons', 'atmospherics on board subs', I've done the reading - luckily, being male, it doesn't apply.

    Hopefully :)

    I have no idea, really - I don't have any medical complaints as a result of it, but I mentioned it in case there was some small clause in the medical review that applied to it.
  9. Hey and welcome Nik!
  10. im also conmsidering warf off on a sub, i havent been to uni, but expecting 4 A's in my a levels but i still dont think that competes with all the studenty uni types with their degrees

    the main problem i am expecting is the AIB, i find it difficult to think of times in my life i have shown leadership or teamwork etc that really stand out
  11. WHAT ?
    Sort out your use of our language out first mate.
    Accurate verbal and written communications are essential in any warship.
    Failure can be catastrophic. If you really do have an instinct for the finest Service in the world - go for it - work for it, and enjoy it.

    Stan F. ex PO R/EL, CSMX 859641

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