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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ruthington, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Hello there, thought I'd introduce myself as I've been lurking for a while..

    Really quite excited about the prospect of [hopefully!] joining the Navy and this forum certainly seems to be a wealth of information/smut, perfect!

    I have my psychometric test at the end of August, which I'm hoping I'm going to do quite well in, just need to get the mechanical side down, and am trying to fit.. thank god I have a while!

    But erm yeah.. hi!
  2. Hi, what are you hoping to join as?

    I didn't find the RT as bad as i thought, i am sure you will be ok. But practise against the clock :)
  3. Welcome, everyone here's been really helpful to me - if you can take a joke you're fine.

    For your RT, don't worry about it, GCSE level Physics will get you through - try BBC Bitesize or something similar, and have a go at the practice questions in the booklet from the AFCO. And make sure you practice to strict time limits - the hard bit isn't necessarily the understanding, it's getting the answers down in time, and getting through all of them. Best of luck!
  4. Into the Navy of course! :D

    Sorry my typing seems to be going down hill..

    And as a Warfare Branch Communicator, hopefully.

    I'll have a look at the Bitesize website thanks, normally quite speedy on tests so I'm hoping it won't be too uch of a problem.
  5. Never ever lurk young man ,if you lurk when you`ve joined your first ship some ferkin Dabber will splash a coat of paint on you,so never lurk ,always be in motion,

    Ps If it stands still paint it,if it moves salute it, :lol:
  6. I found most of the questions pretty simple and straight forward really.

    The maths questions are hard though!
  7. Go STC, only a few more weeks to get your request in for selection.
  8. Sorry what's 'STC'? I'm still trying to get 'down' with all these abbreviations..
  9. For STC read up here:

    STC bits and pieces

    STC is the Elite of the Royal Navy's Warfare ratings, if you want a challenge and to be one of the best, go for it. It's not advertised but ask at your AFCO.
  10. I sometimes wonder If I had to join up today, IF I would stand a chance

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