Another Minister with his fingers in the till

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. With the revelations over the weekend that another minister Mrt McNulty has been claiming lots of our cash for a dubious second house claim, one begins to wonder how many ministers are not indulging in creative expenses to enrich themselves at oiur expense. Jolly good timing for it to come out just as Jade pops off, good weekend to bury bad news then.

    If I was Gordon, which thank god I am not, I would have some pretty smart accountant going through th cabinet's expenses with a fine tooth comb to weed out all those which will not stand up to public scrutiny and get them sorted before the press finds any more. Of course he won't,

    And this was the party that promised sleaze free government, perhaps that was the biggest porky of them all.
  2. Yet another one with his snout in the tough. 8O
  3. They even gave us JPA, so we can fiddle expences!!!! apparently!!!
  4. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Why should anyone bother? Face it, the Westminster coterie has been buggering the taxpayer for donkey's years for their own self-worth and that counts out the totally useless facade that is the European Parliament as well. No one bats an eyelid, save for a day's worth of outrage in the press and a few angry individuals phoning Jeremy Vine. The MPs will ride the storm, someone will call for another 'enquiry' and a 'review' and everything will Ferranti-reset once the fuss has died down. Factor in that many of our elected elite are Oxbridge trained barristers, lawyers and economists, so chumps like us who sweat it out over wether we have filled in JPA correctly or if we have the right reciepts will continue to do so, whilst they will be safe in the knowledge that if they are caught with their britches down engaging in wholsale fraud (because that is precisely what it is) will escape intact.

    I suggest you all read Charlie Brooker's column from the Grauniad a few weeks ago about how MPs regard us, the great unwashed. To paraphrase him somewhat - they will gladly engage in policies that put CCTVs on every street corner, license phone-tapping and e-snooping in the name of 'security' but when it comes to opening their own tawdry lives to the scrutinous eyes of those they watch, the game is suddenly abandoned.

  5. L-A

    Whilst I don't disagree with you the more ruccus there is the more likely that some who will be touting for our vote next year may actually listen and act. After all it only took a few hours of D Day complaining to get Gordon promising to plunder the lottery. If we accept it as inevitable, then it will be, if we kick up regularly then things may change. Up here we got stuck in to the MSPs pretty fast and their expenses are published on the internet every month. Interestingly there have been far fewer problems since this was done, equally our parliament seems to be hotter at getting on to those who dont decl;are their interests properly as Dougie Alexander's sister found out to her cost.
  6. It's up to the people on the street to shrug of the comfort blancket of malaise and complacency, and, for once get up and properly protest.
    As long as the average bod won't do this then the situation will remain the same, or get worse.
    There's nothing like the threat of a bit of proper civil unrest to focus the minds of those at the sharp end..
  7. The Government regard us as scum…

    Want proof?

    Smoking is banned in every bar in the land except one… the Members Bar at the House of Commons.

    Smoking is bad for the peasants but OK for the pigs that rule us.
  8. The defence these thieving b*stards seem to always churn out is that they are "entitled" to it!

    Says who?

    The fact that the good book may decree that they are "entitled" to certain expenses is not a defence for claiming them. I'm entitled to expenses both at work an with my RNR duties but i don't claim them unless i have to.

    We're entitled claim up to £21.00 a day for over 5 hours travelling. That is not an invitation to spend the full £21.00. I buy what i need which is usually less than £10.00! :angryfire:
  9. There are laws passed and rules made as to who is entitled to expenses, these are then voted/agreed upon by.........MP's
  10. You mean the 24 hour duty free smoking bar I take it!
  11. The thing that really grips me with all of these recent MPs expenses is that they see no difference between entitlement and necessity. Because they're entitled to it, they claim it, whether or not the expense has been incurred. For most of us personnel, this would be a pension trap.

    Annoyed with myself that I continue to be surprised that these peoples' representatives permanently have their snouts in the public trough, and then claim to be acting within the rules.
  12. I always love the standard excuse trotted out:

    It was approved by the Commons Authorites.

    The problem is who decides the intricate guidelines issued to the Commons staff? They are responsible for the current situation.

    Looks like someone should put in an FOI request to find out.

    Come on Maxi, you're our man. :)
  13. I claim the West Lothian defence, far be it from me to take action on matters that seem wholly to apply to English MPs. Now up here we created enough of a stink over MSPs expenses to make some real changes including them being published every month with out any FOI action what so ever.
  14. Oh shucks. Looks like Levers or Sarge will have to post it instead. ;)
  15. They soon won't have to trot out any excuses because the parliamentary committee set up to review the system is recommending that the rules be changed to make the fiddle permissable. So that is MPs deciding that MPs should continue to be able to get away with ripping us off!
  16. I reckon being a Member of Parliament is nearly as lucrative as being on benefits :p
  17. OK, I'll bite: I have just had to sign on - through no fault of my own - for the first time since leaving the mob 24 years ago. I would gladly swap my sixty quid a week for the chance to get my snout in the same trough as those piggies.
  18. Fxxxxxxxxxg parisites the lot of them , if that was a Serviceman he would no doubt lose his pension , angry is not the word ...
  19. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator


    "JPA retains a record of all claims submitted/paid. If you are in any doubt about your entitlement to a claim you should seek advice from the UPO staff. At a court martial convened in HMS NELSON on Wed xx Mar 09 an ABxxx of HMS xxxxxx pleaded guilty to 4 charges of JPA fraud contrary to NDA 1957 Section 42 and Fraud Act 2006 Section 1. The court has accepted his plea of guilty and sentenced the ABxxx to 150 days detention and to pay compensation of £975.52 by way of stoppages over three pay days and to suffer the consequential penalties involved."

    ... and the recent fraudulent claims admitted by Ministers and MPs where they just carry on as normal.

    One rule for one ...

  20. Harry you are not a qualified benefits dodger. You have worked and paid taxes.
    You are lucky to get £60, because of my service pension I get zilch.
    Now if you had been on benefits instead of working for the lat 24 years that £60 would be a lot more.
    Hope you find employment soon.

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