Another milestone for minewarfare & diving monument

Yesterday's Pompey News contained this article describing the granting of planning permission to erect the monument at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth to commemorate the minewarfare and diving heritage of HMS Vernon which previously stood on the site. Despite the headline, the almost twice life-size statue is intended as a tribute to everyone involved in naval minewarfare, diving and EOD. This will include the crews and support staff of MCMVs and minelayers of every description; personnel involved in the design of mines, mine countermeasures and diving equipment; bomb & mine disposal personnel; deep divers, clearance divers, ships' divers and SAR divers, etc., all of which will be explained in detail on an accompanying plinth.


Artist's impression of Project Vernon monument[/align]

Although the project has already made considerable progress, seeing it to its conclusion will be a marathon, not a sprint. As such, it will rely on people's unremitting support throughout the campaign. Please make regular donations online via the Project Vernon website, continue to buy merchandise and raffle tickets, and support the promotion at Gunwharf Quays during the weekend of 1st & 2nd May.

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