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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by josiecats, May 23, 2007.

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  1. ok so i read Brazens post...
    go to my inbox........ and there is Tips letter of fairwell and ANOTHER
    ONE......... from someone else who is sickened by the constant VITROL on the site.........
    yes we are grown ups and yes we are all intittled to our opinions but there is not always the need to be so vile and rude........But it seems that some here are not behaving like grown ups........
    I come here everyday to read some very interesting threads and talk to some great people....... i have made some amazing freinds here and am in the prosess of meeting them.........
    yes i have been FOOLED here too and that cost me deeply...

    Is this realy what this site is about....spiting hate at those who dont comform OR learning to accept those differences and maybe growing as a human........
    (oh and dont ask me who,.... im hopin he will change his mind..)
  2. Re: Another sad goodbye...

    and lamri does not act his age.
  3. :oops: :oops: well i fall foul of that - i had various run ins with another - but we are ok now and a truce called - but i agree whole heartedly with your comments babe :oops:
  4. Thought this was a place for people to hold discussions, have a laugh and share experiences on life not put people down and rip into them because they do not share your views.
  5. Re: Another sad goodbye...

    Oh yes and this has loads to do with the topic.

    Sad as it may be, people come and go.
    I have had my fair share of arguments (with the grown ups chico), but all, and I mean ALL disagreements have either been sorted or an agreement to disagree has been reached.
    This is the same for all members of this site. We all disagree at times, life would stop dead if we didn't keep the fires burning, but we all share a common bond and most of us share a common train of thought.
    I posted this on the "we love CT" thread, but once you join this site, no matter HOW pissed off you get, you will always come back for another look :)
    Sometimes we all need to just go away and calm down a bit, thats all.
  6. Re: Another sad goodbye...

    Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!

    Pass me my dummy someone, pleeease!
  7. Re: Another sad goodbye...

    this story is finished now mate like brazen said no one worry about it now :)
  8. Re: Another sad goodbye...

    :lol: Do you want ur bottle yet?
  9. So who else is leaving ??, its like the seasons of the year
  10. I conceed that RR banter drove at least one gay member to leave us, but I am also aware that my earlier articulation about a passion for certain types of sailors also was the cause of several complaints and had the effect of turning them off RR. I have apologised to them and avoided this topic since. Perhaps the offending RR'er could PM an apology to CT?
  11. wow you joined at jan 07 and have that much post :) , you love it here
  12. good thought , then no one has to know who it was.
  13. Re: Another sad goodbye...

    Thanks Chico. Make sure it's filled with neat malt whisky! A pint will do! :D :) :) :) :lol:
  14. Does this mean there's only 3699 members now :oops:

    geoff(ers) :?
  15. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Can't say I have seen a lot of vile rudeness on here to be honest! CRYSTALTIPS seems to have got a little toot on because someone took the mickey in current affairs, so what! I wouldn't debate with those guys about Middle Eastern Military History, if I did I would probably look stupid.

    This is a place for debate, p*ss taking et al, not over sensitive "I don't like you anymore" crap! I don't think anyone set out to upset anyone, some people just don't like it when their argument is less robust than others! Get over it, give it back, turn it into a joke whatever, or ask the MODs to create a nice nicey self appreciation forum within RR where overly sensitive types can hang out and everyone can be nice to each other all the time.
  16. Statistically she's not approaching my record! :lol: Obviously got too much work to do... :wink:
  17. Re: Another sad goodbye...

    Its comeing in the post on 2nd class
  18. We all have our bad days, and sometimes what would seem to be mess deck banter gets some one else in the jugular, unintetional but at that time painful and hurtful to the victim even if as I say that was not the intention. I am sure that CT acted on the spur of the moment, something pushed the button, if any one can contact her and tell her to come back and have a group hug with us please do so. Just to illustrate my point dear Jenny had a bit of a go at us for a bit yesterday and today, but has calmed down now.

    If RC can tear herself away from the prisoners testicles perhaps she can send a simial message to our other leaver too.
  19. Is that what the PO Stoker is called nowerdays! :eek: Poor Trains! 8O
  20. Perhaps I am to old, senile, thick skinned, cynical or in the early stages of Alzheimer's. INHO as a resident SOB, LIBERAL, tree hugging, anti nuclear deterrent (V Boats) not anti nuclear weapons, Greenpeace supporter. I have crossed swords with many members, especially the one's who do not like to answer the difficult questions but just troop out another cliché headline they cannot support. I have never heard any vitriol sufficient to drive any but he most soft skinned out of this forum. Some of the comments aimed at gay members has been extremely rude and un-called for but if you enter a military site which has a built in right wing bias you know the reception you will receive from some quarters.

    Is it that this vitriol is found within the chat room. I have only entered the place two or three times and find it is not my area but some posts have indicated intemperance in the chat room.

    Please could we know who is leaving and why.


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