Another joining time Q

This has probably been answered before but here goes...
I've gone for AET and have done all the necessary, come through without a blip and I'm now waiting on PRNC/Raleigh dates. I know there's a considerable wait but any ideas on the current timeline ? I'm skint but happy to wait as long as it takes. Thing is I've been offered a job in Spain that'll take about 5 months to complete through a family connection. They've gone out of their way to put me in the frame and I'd rather turn it down than cause them any embarrassment.
I'm not looking for accuracy but would be grateful for informed opinion. Thanks.
check the Raleigh dates here, the newer posts from waiting AET's are looking at a May into June start date, PRNC for some is around February for those on a May intake
Thanks rodels'92 - I see you there. How long after your fitness test before you got your dates ? My problem is the uncertainty - if I had dates, no matter how far off, I could work with them.
Thanks, I looked at some of those dates but they're quite random. I see you did your FT in June (? - not stalking you, lol - was on a thread about the run) so you were given 10 months notice - I don't think I've got much to worry about then.
Yup fitness test was in June but I was delayed with my Medical for about another month after so I assume that pushed my join date back a little bit
O.K. here goes again - IF anyone has an informed idea of how long it takes to get dates for PRNC & Raleigh I'd be grateful. Like how long does it normally take to bid for and get a potential recruit on a list and then let that person know ?

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