Another joining the RFA post!

Although I have still got just over three years left within the RN. (22 years done!) I am looking for advice on when it would be advisable to get the ball rolling and crossing over to the RFA. I am currently a PO(CIS) and carried out the rolls as a PO(CIS)1 (MCO manager) and PO(CIS)2 (Network, CSS, and Navystar administrator). I have also served on a RFA for ten months as the CSS manager. I fully understand that I would have to start again afresh as a CR2. (Life in a blue one!) but I am looking forward to a new challenge, providing they are still recruiting. Any advice is very much appreciated.
You're probably best to get in as 3rd Off Comms, only have to do 7 weeks BRNC then life of riley booking golf trips in Dubai. Even though the RFA is getting rid of 10% of personnel they are still recruiting. Most if not all 3 O/C are ex-RN and all started as Yeomen or CPO/PO Comms, its all daywork and you spend all day in the office doing "CRYPTO". try asking on the RFA recruiter is on there regularly and answers questions quite quickly.
Fluffy and Snaggy, AFAIK you can't join direct as a blue rinse. Have to make it to Leading Hand first and then apply for RTO. RN background should make it a doddle, assuming you can do tactical talk, flashy light, bunting, etc. Only hiccup is that AFAIK there's a freeze on rating recruitment at present, but should be some movement by the time you're getting out. More info on TOOTP.
Thanks for the info. The bunting stuff should not be too much of problem as I did it a killick level, I would have to blow the dust off my 'Vol 2' but I sure I would be able to pick it up again.
fair enough, you generally cant join as a 3 O/C but last year you couldn't go as an RTO (SE) and now there is one, i would if i possessed the experience at least ask about coming in straight as 3 O/C.
theres no real story to tell, the Platform Engineer has been put on the back burner for a bit, with the advent of heavy wigglys its probably better to leave them with the SE's who also look after the weapons and radio room. it would be a bit much to expect a ME to fix the purifier one day and then to have to go and repair the military radio the next or even that pain in the arse RAS Rigs. Or the other way round! the RFA is in need of ME and SE officers and the RTO scheme is the quickest way to fill the gaps. Theres quite a few ex-RN who have gone in straight as SE officer. there is a wealth of experience amongst the Motormen in both trades and its only right that they should be allowed to go through the RTO route, and maybe the RFA have decided to open up a RTO(SE) training route which could involve training at an RN establishment as SE's dont need STCW 95 watchkeeping certification.
the new MARS ships are going back to basics i.e. medium speed, gearbox, one shaft and propellor so maybe the PE will be looked at again as there wont be complicated convertors etc to mess with.
the RFA also has a lot of POSE's who do not wont to go to CPO as there are no CPOSE billets and I know that quite a few would go RTO(SE) and this could be another reason for this option to have been opened up.

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