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Granny needs a bit of help... my HP 22 all-in-one, running Windows 8.1, desktop keeps showing a message box, it reads... 'Another instance is running'. Configuration system failed to initialize.
Anyone have an idea what this means, and more to the point, how do I get rid of it?
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I've just got an HP Windows 8.1 laptop, and it seems fast to boot up but I have noticed that it is a bit of a cheat. There are still applications opening in the background taking up resource so when I think 'ready to go, press X program to run', nothing happens, so I do it again.
In some case I get 2 versions of Chrome (for example) opening, however if that program cannot run 2 open versions you may get the error you see (which I think is the real reason for the error message).

So my start up routine is the same as my works XP laptop, turn on, make coffee, chat between your selves, wait for Outlook to update folders then I know its ready.

Hopefully some expert will come along some and tell me what a load of tosh I'm talking!! But, my emails are updated and my coffee tastes great this fine morning!
Right click on the start bar and select task manager. This will tell you how many instances of an application you have running, and should allow you to close some of he applications that you do not need.

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Granny ... you are not alone! Normally I get this when the laptop is booting up and I don't notice the little whirly thingy spinning around showing it's not loaded completely (also HP laptop running Windows 8.1) and stab my mouse pointer repeatedly on the Outlook launch button- normally shouting *&^%ing get in with it!!!! (which I think is what Taz was saying) ... perhaps its an HP thing??? Mrs MG sits there with a "Hmmm Patience you need" look on her face ... but there again she does look like Yoda... or is it Jabba the Hutt (I forget)!

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