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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 4to8, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Popping up all over,bet they wish they had been sent to UK to be punished by money

  2. Doe's anybody remember the Docu/film that was out about 3 years ago, it was called ''The Road to Guantanamo''? To cut a long story short it was about 3 Pakistanti Brit lads from Sheffield who went to Pakistan for a family wedding in 2001. They supposedly just popped over the border for a butchers at the American led invasion and Surprise surprise after a number of days they ended up in the Final Taliban/Al queda stronghold of Konduz before finally being captured by the Yanks and then ragged in Gitmo for a few years before being released. They were giving the impression throughout the progamme that they were nothing more than tourists that got caught up in a world of shit.
    I was furious after watching it, It was tantamount to a British Civilian being caught up in Kosovo during the troubles whos only excuse was '' I was just having a look to see what all the fuss is about!''
    Anybody who has been to Afghan will tell you how especially that in times of war and strife the Afghans don't take kindly to foreigners or strangers especially Pakistanis unless they are fighting on their behalf. It is the one and only nation in the world you definately don't go to for a bit of sight seeing. And on top of that If the country is being rammed by B52 bombers, Nato SF and the Northern Alliance it makes it more so the place you would not want to be visiting Any cnut who then dishes out excuses like this and pleads his innocence is full of sh1te.
    Channel 4 and a large majority of the British public then fell for that tripe hook line and sinker.

    These lads should have been made to dissapear in my book, Instead they most probably got compesated by our goverment.
  3. Yes mate I've seen it, load of horsesh1t, and the worse thing is that they are given a platform to spout this sh1te from, the just had one of those cnuts who was protesting yesterday on talk sport, I'm quite glad they did though as he came across as an uber thick cnut who had little idea what he was even protesting about.
  4. "The Saudis had been handed over by the U.S. to Saudi Arabia, where they were supposedly rehabilitated as part of a Saudi program to reform extremists."

    I wonder what the survival rate is?
  5. Bruv, the Saudis will do anything and everything to help their own in that respect.

    They have repatriated seriously wounded proxy suicide bombers from Iraq and nursed them back to health, its all over You tube etc.

    The Saudis will do anything for the Sons of Saudi Arabia and the yanks being Oil Whores will hand over whoever they want.
  6. getting on well in the USA too from the look of it,under the septics snouts

    saudis rule us mosques
  7. Minus their heads, I'd say not very high.

  8. Unfortunately I have to agree with you but there's no harm in dreaming
  9. Regardless of what you see refence the Saudi Royalty on the TV or in the Papers Giving mutual hand shandies to the Bush Dynasty et al The Saudis love nothing more than a Jihadist.

    The relationship with the ''Great Satan'' Is only bussiness after all.
  10. PMSL :D
  11. All those policemen on duty and they only managed to catch two of them :roll:

    Never mind Fixed penalty notices ...Fix the raggyheaded twats to the wing of a plane and drop them on their beloved Iraq from 30,000 feet
  12. Reading the Telegraph report those arrested were not the bearded type but locals. Surely every one of those in black gowns should have been arrested for inciting racial hatred. But the two old boys defending our troops were easy targets.
  13. Beards are nice... attached to the right face/arse! :biggrin:
  14. Thank fcuk I shaved off when I went outside (no offence) although sack and crack are untouched before you ask and no I won't supply evidence :lol:
  15. Plus the bearded cnuts asked (and received) permission from Plod to demonstrate, and were therefore protected by said Plod.

    Wonder what would happen if we asked permission to demonstrate outside their mosque..?
  16. Dont ask, just burn the scum-dumps down.
  17. Well it's been illegal since 1860 to protest in a church* - so logically it should apply to mosques** also. I should have thought this would raise public order issues as the BNP would be bound to exploit any such opportunity to forment discord.

    The Muslims in question were not to my knowledge inciting racial hatred. The West is a geographical reality and Westerners the occupants of that geopolitical space. As citizens of Britain they have become de jure Westerners. They are entitled to demonstrate against themselves if they wish. :twisted:

    *Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860 (formerly part of the Brawling Act 1551) which prohibits any form of disruption or protest in a Church.

    **See: Places of Worship Registration Act 1855
    The Government have also made clear their support for Mosques to be covered by this Act of Parliament. (see: HL Deb 23 April 2008 cc1544ff)
  18. Hmmm Conflicting Information ....



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