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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Oct 18, 2012.

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  2. I do not use the link thingy, I just copy the page link from the web browser and paste into reply box.
    May have seen one or 2 of her films over the years, stand by for some channel to have an Emmanuelle season
  3. I think watching Emmanuelle was almost a rite of passage for young matelots in them thar days, closely followed by Chesty Morgan in Deadly Weapons, Flesh Gordon and Barbarella!
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  4. Flesh Gordon and Prof Jerk-off a clasic movie
  5. Fuck that, if it's not hardcore dwarf fisting, it does nowt for me!

  6. I can't wait...........then again, I never could with her.
  7. You obviously do not understand the nature of subtlety and sexual innuendo and the tease of the strip?
  8. And you are saying this to someone into neoprene rubber and masks??????????? :)
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  9. No I don't!!
  10. I rest my case!
  11. I do,.. I open tins of essence flavoured meat when the dogs starving and don't feed the fucker.
    Teasing eh? I thought I was torturing the scabby fucker.
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  12. You lot better stop pickin om my mate froggy.
    Every time I log on some fuckers havin a go at him. You bastards should understand you are spoiling my quality of life, it's my fuckin job.:nod:
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  13. You've never complained when it was done to you.

  14. Dont knock it......
  15. I must admit when you take your dentures out and I shut my eyes,...well
  16. That's a first, a blick man with a job 8O
  17. Been there.
  18. I fuckin knew you jewish bastards hated us "coloured" people.

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