Another Helicopter Crash

Gillingham: Four Killed In Helicopter Crash

Senior management at Norbrook Laboratories, in Newry, Northern Ireland, were "lending assistance". The helicopter was en route to Northern Ireland when the accident took place and Norfolk police have been in contact with the Police Service of Northern Ireland

Is Paddy O'Terr back?

Roland Bronk, owner of The Swan House restaurant in Beccles, said it was "very foggy" in the area at the time of the crash.
Fog makes flying less safe.

Taxi driver Mark Murray, 22, from Beccles, said: "There is a large stately home nearby and you often see helicopters coming and going from there.
Helicopters are handy for that.

The site is just 45 miles from Cley next the Sea, where four US airmen were killed in January when their Pave Hawk military helicopter came down in a marsh.
That's it; the Beccles Triangle. There be dragons.

Anyway, there but for the grace etc. Flying machines sadly crash; well the affordable ones do.
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Who's betting the weather is a major factor. Won't be long before we hear pilots instrument rating not up to the weather conditions I reckon. Then watch the media pounce!
It'll all come out in the wash, the McCrae crash is a prime example. He wasn't current of aircraft type, licence had expired if I recall.

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