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A friend of mine passed me a book which I never knew existed. It's called "The Terrible Hours" by Peter Maas, and is the true story of the first ever rescue of survivors from a sunken (USN) boat using what we now know as a diving bell.
There's also a lot of information regarding the development of escape techniques, including the Momsen Lung, by its developer Charles "Swede" Momsen.
I certainly found it hard to put down, and was amazed by some of its content. Up until now, I'd always thought the RN had pioneered submarine rescue.
ISBN 0-09-187937-X
Escape developed in both countries pretty much in parrallel, There is a very good desription of the first freeascent from a sunken submarine in the book K Boats which gives the details of how the first men got out through the conning tower of K 13 (I think it was 13) when she sank in the Gairloch and the subsequent rescue


Lantern Swinger

This is another good read, I picked it up in the States last year and is the story of one of the USN'S last Diesel Boats. It sank the biggest target ever by a submarine, the Japanese carrier 'Shinano' (In the Guinness BOR), and was involved in a trial that involved circumnavigating the planet twice in the 60's. Seem to remember one suspect bit about them beating up RN matelots in Malta but apart from that is worth shelling out for.

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